Emma Mattress Review (Too Good To Be True?) 2024

Emma Mattress Review (Too good to be true?)

Emma Mattress Review (Too good to be true?)

We pride ourselves at being at the forefront of mattress technology, customer service and value for money. In order to offer our customers the best possible mattresses at the best possible prices we regularly review mattresses and beds from other brands to assess product quality, service quality and value for money.

In this post we will look at one of the most popular mattresses in Ireland at the moment. We carry out an Emma Mattress review. We will assess everything from mattress comfort to customer service to any reported problems with the Emma mattress. By the end of this article you will know if the Emma mattress is any good or simply too good to be true.

Emma Mattress Trustpilot Reviews & Complaints

Prior to purchasing, we decided to research the best Emma mattress on the market. We spent some time reading customer reviews to help us select the best Emma mattress and straight away found some issues: the majority of the Emma mattress reviews on Trustpilot are 1* with Emma mattress complaints about comfort & customer service appearing to be the most common problem mentioned in the Emma mattress bad reviews.

These complaints did not bode well  but we decided to look past it and opt for the Emma that was presented as a ‘Most Awarded Mattress’, shown below:

Review: Emma Mattress Delivery Time & Customer Experience 

During the order process the Emma Delivery date was shown as being within 1-3 working days, we instantly thought that is a fantastic delivery time, almost too good to be true? Sadly, it was indeed too good to be true and we countered our first of our Emma mattress problems. We ordered the mattress on July 2nd, after 3 weeks we still were not in receipt of the mattress as promised on the website, email and checkout confirmation.

After many attempts to contact Emma themselves about this late delivery, (we couldn’t get through on telephone, Facebook or online chat), we had to resort to email, to which we finally got a response after 3 emails being sent. And finally a replacement mattress was sent out and we finally got our Emma mattress in the box.


Review: First Nights Sleep 

What I personally found myself living home alone was that the fact the mattress was in a box was actually a really good benefit for me as I wouldn’t have been able to lift this upstairs myself. It was manageable and light(ish..) opened the box and took out my Emma mattress and let it expand.

I found the mattress to be very soft but wasn’t going to let that put me off. Plus I get a 200 Night sleep trial, which I think is a great benefit for people who just aren’t too sure about or confident in what kind of firmness or comfort they are looking to buy. Emma advertise it is a risk free 200 sleep trial to reassure customers who think they may have problems with the Emma mattress - definitely a plus considering the price of Emma Mattresses.

After the first night I woke up feeling refreshed and relaxed and slept like a baby. Sleeping on a soft mattress was a life changer for me as I always thought sleeping on a soft mattress might not be too good for my back. The removable and washable cover was also a bonus as I am guilty of having my morning coffee in bed and spilling a little so this was great for me and also some parents who have a few messy toddlers too.

3 weeks later..

After 3 weeks, I started wakening up with back pain, the soft mattress was too good to be true and wasn’t ideal for myself with a bad back, but of course the 200 sleep night trial was offered, so I decided to try and get in touch with EMMA to return my mattress and get a refund.

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Emma Mattress Returns Experience

I went through the Emma return process online and was given the option to get a free ‘comfort layer’, I decided not to go for this, I didn’t feel like anything was going to help at this stage except a good firm mattress.

After multiple emails to try get my mattress picked up and returned, I was still waiting to hear back, I personally thought the online support and aftercare support was very poor, and felt like the 200 night trial would run out before I ever heard back from them. Complaints about Emma Mattress support crop up in many Trustpilot reviews.

Emma Trustpilot review

I decided to go on trust pilot and leave my Emma Mattress review and within a few hours I had an employee from the Emma team contact me straight away asking for my order number and email and she got the mattress sorted and returned for me, as much as I was thankful for her help, I felt like you had to leave a negative review for someone to actually get in touch and no one is monitoring the after sales support emails or chat.

Final thoughts on the Emma Mattress

In my overall opinion, I feel if Emma created a firmer mattress, I would definitely have loved it, the delivery was easy, the removable cover was a great option but the after support team should be focused more on the emails coming through to help customers before they leave the review, no help or support for customers who are finding problems with the Emma mattress.


Emma Mattress Review Score: 5/10

Delivery Service Score: 10/10

Customer Support Score: 2/10

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