DFI Bed and Mattress Warranty

DFI Bed and Mattress Warranty

At DFI all our customers always  come first. This is why we offer a comprehensive warranty on all  our products. We have developed our products to exacting standards and we have built our reputation  and have become Ireland's leading online bed and mattress retailer  on the strength of our product reviews.

We aim for our customer service and customer care to be the absolute best and you will always have direct contact with us if you need something sorted out. We are always at the end of the phone to sort out any difficulties you may experience and we give our assurance th

We always treat our customers as we ourselves would like to be treated by any retailer. If something goes wrong then it is only right and proper that amends are made quickly and without hassle. We love helping our customers and giving them the best we can offer. We do not have to lie or cheat to make a sale. 

Our reputation for being an honest, reputable and trustworthy retailer is worth more to us than a few quid or the cost of a returned mattress.

What happens to returned mattresses?

We really do not have that many returns but if there ever is a manufacturing issue we will do our utmost to  get the issue resolved. 

We work harder to provide faultless customer service as well as to produce the best mattresses your money can buy. Our referral record is excellent and we hope you will be recommending us to your family and friends. Our prices may be low but this only reflects the low mark up on the beds, definitely not the quality. We also have time to speak to our customers direct and urge you to phone us on 015134760 if you have any questions about any of the products on this site or you can contact our online sales team on Facebook messenger.

Our product guarantee

We have all our mattresses built to our precise specifications and therefore we can personally guarantee each model for a period of time. 

What does this mean?

If your mattress fails within the specified guarantee period then we will either repair or replace the faulty component. We will not list all eventualities here but we do work on common sense and fair practice.  We have been in this business long enough to know what is and what is not acceptable and also long enough to recognise the failures of other companies who offer guarantees and warranties that are not worth the paper they are written on.

The crafstmen that produce our mattresses do so in the knowledge that any product complaint will be inspected thoroughly.

What if you believe something is wrong?

If we guarantee a mattress for five years for example, then that mattress should still be usable showing normal signs of five years wear and tear. However, the springs should not be poking you in your back and there should be no complete collapse of components. If you have cause for complaint then all you have to do is to phone us. We understand that the mattress will be out of the original packaging (we will send you new packaging) although, in obvious fairness, it must not be damaged, marked or soiled. We do insist upon the use of a mattress protector during this period.

What is not covered?

Mattress Settlement and Body Impressions

One of the most common reasons for consumer telephone calls or emails to the National Bed Federation is the question of mattress settlement – or body impressions – forming on the surface of the mattress where the user lies.


Settlement on its own is not an indication that the mattress is failing – on the contrary, a mattress with generous layers of comfort fillings should be expected to demonstrate ‘body impressions’ and is an indication that the mattress is performing correctly. Similar to a good pair of leather shoes, a new mattress will ‘relax’ and take on the shape of the user. There seems to be a misconception amongst some people that a mattress should look and feel as good as new even after months or years of service – despite it supporting your body for around seven to eight hours every night. Of course this simply isn’t the case.

The extent to which the mattress will show signs of settlement depends on a number of factors such as the weight of the user, the amount of fillings, the type of fillings, the firmness of the mattress, whether the mattress is two-sided or single sided. Larger size mattresses such as super king size (180cm wide) and king size (150cm wide) will show signs of settlement more so than a smaller size mattress. This is because there is a wider area in the centre of the mattress that doesn’t get used and the fillings don’t become compacted. This ‘ridge in the middle’ accentuates the sleeping areas either side of it where the fillings will have settled or compacted during the night.

Whilst these body impressions can be quite noticeable, they are not necessarily a sign that the mattress support has failed. 

The National Bed Federation recommends that you follow the care instructions supplied with your mattress to prolong its life and minimise the effects of settlement. However, you should expect your mattress to show some signs of settlement and remember that it is not necessarily an indication that the mattress is failing.



Wear and tear of fabric is not covered. However, we will use our discretion to see if any valid complaint is justified.

Willful damage and neglect

Your mattress should be looked after and cared for. A mattress protector should be used at the very least. We will not entertain any claim if the mattress shows obvious signs of neglect.

The bottom line

We take comment and complaint very seriously and in doing so we are able to constantly upgrade products and our service to ensure we maintain our zero Complaint policy. Our reputation for trust and reliability has been time served, hard-earned and has become one of our most valued assets.

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