What is Mattress Settlement?

Mattress settlement, or idents, is when the mattress fillings beneath the occupant of the bed are compressed and body impressions becomes more visible.

What causes mattress settlement?

  1. The weight of the user.
  2. The amount of fillings.

  3. The type of fillings.

  4. The firmness of the mattress.

  5. Whether the mattress is two-sided or single sided.

  6. Larger mattresses such as king-size and super-king.

Settlement seems to be more common in king-size or super king size mattresses, the reason for this being is you are sleeping in an area the width of your body, within the first few weeks of use as the mattress fillings ‘mould’ to the user’s body shape, with the areas of most pressure (shoulders and hips) showing the greatest signs of settlement.


Does this mean my mattress is failing?

Settlement on its own is not an indication that the mattress is failing, a mattress with generous layers of comfort fillings should be expected to demonstrate ‘body impressions’ and is an indication that the mattress is performing correctly.

There seems to be a misconception amongst some people that a mattress should look and feel as good as new even after months or years of service – despite it supporting your body for around seven to eight hours every night. Of course this simply isn’t the case.

Discount Furniture Ireland recommend rotating the mattress, or using a mattress topper to allow this settlement to happen slowly over time. No matter what settlement and indentations are going to occur in all mattresses.

Mattress Settlement