IKEA Mattress Review: Are they worth it? [Ireland 2024]

IKEA Mattress Review: False Economy?

IKEA Mattress Review: False Economy?

(Updated January 2024)

IKEA is one of the largest furniture retail stores in Ireland and indeed the world. A day out to IKEA always leads to coming home with more cups, plates and storage bins than planned/needed! It is super affordable and offer a wide selection of home interior ideas, you can walk around their showroom and see all the different creative rooms to inspire your own house.

We walk around sitting on the sofas, lying on the beds, but do we know what is actually in the sofas and mattresses or do we just like the look of it in the room? Are IKEA mattresses good? Are they comparable with other, traditional mattress brands? What is the best IKEA mattress>?

We sent some of our best sleep experts out to answer the question, they set out to test and review IKEA mattresses available in the IKEA store.

What is the IKEA mattress shopping experience like?

One thing that most people are guilty of is assessing a mattress by simply lying on the mattress for a few minutes in the store. To say this is a poor way to select a mattress is an understatement! Lying on a mattress for a few minutes isn’t going to determine whether or not this is suitable for a person with a bad back, side sleepers, stomach sleepers etc. In summary: this is NOT a good way to tell if an IKEA mattress is good (or any other mattress for that matter)

IKEA Shopping Experience

When we visited, there was no bed advisor on standby to help out or explain to the customer which mattress actually is the best suited to their needs.

Here at DFI we offer full customer support, we have advice for each kind of sleeper and have Live Chat on our website, or if you wish to chat to a Sleep Expert our phone line open from 9am – 10pm, just call 01513 4760 and we will help you with any questions you may have. We want you to get the most out of your mattress and enjoy it for the next 8 years.


Our Honest IKEA Mattress Reviews: Are IKEA Mattresses Good?

Time to tell what we really think in our honest reviews, we will look at the pros and cons of IKEA Mattresses and determine if IKEA mattresses are good value for money or a false economy.

IKEA Mattress Pros

  • Option for Roll up mattresses
  • A lot of cheap and cheerful prices
  • Test them out in the showroom
  • Sign posted mattresses for Medium / Firm

IKEA Mattress Cons

  • No high end mattresses available
  • Not soft feel options
  • Low Pocket spring count
  • No specific specs for customers with preferences e.g. back pain / heavier bodyweight
  • European sizes which is hard to find a matching base



With IKEA Pocket sprung mattresses, they are always a hit or miss. As IKEA mattresses are competitive prices by being very cheap, there are the reasons behind it such as the minimum pocket springs in the mattress itself.

With minimum 600 pocket springs in one of their top of the range mattress itself, our sleep experts find it hard that anyone who may be on the heavier side or need a bit of support won’t find something like this reliable at all. DFI itself has minimum 800 – 4000 pockets in our mattresses and even then the 800 pocket count we only recommend them more for a child or a spare room.  

Although some IKEA mattresses have minimum springs, they do make up for it with other types of mattress such as memory foam and latex mattresses which seem to be the most with positive reviews and also won’t break the bank. Speaking of breaking the bank, let’s talk about prices.


IKEA Mattress Prices

We got a little confused with the pricing as even though some of the mattresses seem to be at basic quality, including fabrics such as cotton, linen, and springs, they do seem to have a not so basic price. Some of the prices come in at around £700 and we are trying to figure out why.

We could accept this price if the mattress itself had a high pocket count and full of support, but for basic mattresses we don’t think it is an ideal price, we personally would recommend a much better mattress quality and structure for this price such as our Gelflex 3000 pocket sprung mattress, that comes in a lot cheaper than this £700 price mark!

But if you are looking something cheaper, IKEA does provide you with cheaper options but still helping with having a good night’s sleep.

There are a lot of affordable prices that maintain the same quality as the dearer mattresses, but you need to make sure you know what you are looking for.

Here are a few of the mattresses that we took a closer look at and our honest reviews. Read on to discover our thoughts on the best IKEA mattresses


IKEA Vatnestrom Mattress Review

One of the more expensive mattress but worth it. The Vatnestrom is a pocket sprung mattress made up of natural fillings, has a layer of memory foam for a bit of both worlds, which I find to be perfect as it provides you with medium firmness comfort, not too soft or hard just perfect. I have tried to find out how many springs are in the Vatnestrom as they have stated it is a pocket sprung mattress but can’t seem to find the information to suggest how many are included in the mattress.

IKEA Vatnestrom Mattress Review

I would be willing to pay the price for this as I know it will last over the years to come and won’t give in like the others. This is likely the best IKEA mattress available.

IKEA Vatnestrom Alternative: DFI Gelflex 3000

IKEA Vatnestrom Alternative
DFI Gelflex 3000

The DFI Gelflex 3000 Hybrid Mattress with medium firmness is similar to the IKEA Vatnestrom in that they both keep a great even temperature in your sleeping environment. The Gelflex also has 3000 pocket springs in the mattress to help with more support and a better night’s sleep along with a longer life span - as mentioned previously we cannot find a spring count for the Vatnestrom but suspect it is a lower count.


IKEA Vesteroy Mattress Review

The Vesteroy mattress is 7’’ thick. It would be classed as Firm but has two options to choose firm or extra firm. With individual pocket springs in the mattress it adds more support and isolates movement. The Vesteroy IKEA mattress has extra foam added to provide the comfort. With soft touch fabric on top, this makes this mattress one sided and not turnable.

IKEA Vesteroy Mattress

With the option to choose the firmness I feel this benefits the customer and can add a personal touch. Sometimes you find a fantastic mattress but would like to tweak it a little with the firmness and this mattress done just that. Again the only downfall I found with the Vesteroy was the thickness, 7’’ to me feels more like a child’s mattress on a bed and not an adult support one.

IKEA Vagstranda Mattress Review

The Vagstranda mattress would be counted as one of IKEAS extra firm mattresses. The IKEA Vagstranda mattress is a pocket sprung mattress designed to support certain pressure points such as shoulders and hips. It comes roll packed which some customer’s find a bonus as it is easier to get up narrow stairs. This mattress is average size at 11’’ deep and provides a layer of foam on top which adds comfort but also keeps the mattress extra firm. 

Vagstranda Review

I find the Vagstranda IKEA mattress would be ideal for customers who want a rock hard mattress. It is a good thick mattress but the extra firm just might not suit different bodies, I feel if you suffer from a bad back and are advised to go for a firm mattress this may be more suited and it does provide the extra bit of foam on top which does add to customers comfort.


IKEA ABYGDA Mattress Review

The Abygda IKEA mattress is a 6’’ firm mattress. The pressure relief foam provides support all over your body and targets your bodies comfort zones. The cover is washable which is very handy when washing bed sheets and pillow cases and you can just throw the cover in with that too. The Abygda is also roll packed making it easier to get around. 

ABYGDA Mattress

A lot of customers do ask about a thin mattress as they were used to the thinner mattresses over the years. The issue I have with this kind of mattress is I find it very flimsy and not very supportive compared to a thicker mattress. I did find the machine washable cover very easy to take off and clean and put back on. 


IKEA Morgedal Review

Cheap and cheerful perfectly describes the Morgedal mattress. The IKEA Morgedal is full of memory foam, which means it comes in a box! Yay for easy assembly.

IKEA Morgedal Mattress Review

As much as it is a delight once you get it open, lie on it and sink in to it, it may not be a delight on your back down the line. Memory foam only mattresses are a big NO for people with back pain as there isn’t much support to help with the back. For a child or a spare room being slept in every so often is what I would recommend this mattress for, a little bit like our Luxury mattress.

IKEA Morgedal Alternative: DFI Luxury Mattress

Alternative to IKEA Morgedal
View Mattress

The DFI Luxury mattress is an open coil spring mattress which is also in the same price bracket as the Morgedal, it could be thought of as DFI’s cheap and cheerful mattress and we believe it is a superior alternative to the IKEA Morgedal mattress. Even though our sleep experts recommend it for a spare room or child, we find a lot of our customers decide to go for this as their main mattress and we have had absolutely no complaints to date.


IKEA Vadso Mattress Review

IKEA Vadso Review

A more traditional mattresses, the Vadso IKEA mattress is made from Bonnell Springs and foam which leaves it to be a firm mattress. The issue with Bonnell springs is that it wouldn’t be a customer’s favourite, we find with Bonnell springs if one person moves in the bed, the whole bed moves too. A pocket sprung mattress is always a much better mattress and for the price, I personally don’t think it is worth it as it is one of the dearer mattresses.

IKEA Vadso Alternative: DFI Posture Plus

IKEA Vaso Alternative

Posture Plus mattress

In terms of firmness, the most popular firm mattress with our customers is  the DFI Posture Plus Mattress. Unlike the bonnell springs used in the Vadso mattress, the Posture Plus is a pocket sprung mattress with the same level of firmness which provides a much more comfortable and motion isolating sleep experience. This  makes it the customers favourite Firm DFI Mattress and a superior option to the IKEA Vadso.


IKEA Malfors Mattress Review

One of the things I liked about the Malfors IKEA mattress was the removable cover, which is handy to throw into the washing machine and get cleaned. What I didn’t like was I could see exactly what I was sleeping on, and a foam mattress just isn’t the one for me.

IKEA Malfors Mattress

Many people do seem to love an all foam mattress, and with this one you have the option of two different firmness levels, medium and firm which I think is a great option for people who like memory foam but also want a very firm mattress. As much as it is comfortable, for most people the Malfors mattress wouldn’t be suitable for everyday use and is better suited to a spare room or holiday home.


IKEA Malfors Alternative: DFI Inspiration

IKEA Malfors Alternative Mattress
DFI Inspiration Mattress

At DFI we like to provide a bit more comfort than just an all foam mattress. The Inspiration is the perfect combination of memory foam and pocket springs. It is described as the ‘ sink in feeling.’ It would be rated as one of our top softest mattresses. It means not only does the Inspiration have memory foam to make it a very soft mattress but also the right amount of pocket springs to be a supportive mattress for every night. 


IKEA Hovag Mattress Review

The Hovag mattress by IKEA is a cheaper alternative to the other mattresses, with similar specs the mattress has pocket springs with soft fillings. IKEA also offer a 90 day trial to customers and offers them the chance to exchange the product if they aren't happy with it.

Hovag Mattress

You always hear the saying ‘ You get what you pay for.’ I find the cheaper alternatives never last as long as promised. The positive with the Hovag IKEA mattress is the 90 Day free trial that customers love to have the option off but there is always a catch – you can only exchange it for another product which does mean your cheap alternative mattress has ended up costing you more and the mattress you will be changing to will end up being more expensive.


What is the best IKEA Mattress?

We always hate to say it but its a personal choice! People want different things from their mattress, some prefer form, some prefer soft, some want a turnable mattress, others don't care. If pushed, we would say that the best IKEA mattress is the Vatnestrom, this, however, is reflected in the high price point.

IKEA Mattress Guarantees

We did notice a lot of the IKEA mattresses have a 25 year guarantee but there are some I wouldn’t even put past a year. The average mattress should also be changed every 8 years so the 25 year guarantee seems to be of a false hope. I would love to remind customers that when looking for a deal, customers seem to forget, comfort should be the number one priority on your mind along with how long the mattress will last you. We do advise to do your research properly and know what you are looking for before going and don’t get caught up in the cheaper price tags as a year or two down the line you will be repeating the same price tag again and again! 

To get our views on some other major mattress brands check out our updated Emma Mattress Review and our new King Koil Mattress Review.

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