What is The Best Bed For Kids? [2024 Update]

What is the best bed for kids?

What is the best bed for kids?

It’s finally time to get that little bit of freedom back, no more kids feet pushed up against your face, you and your partner falling off the edge of the bed, the ‘Mammy or Daddy’ alarm clock at 5am,

It is time for your kids to move into their own bed (I can imagine lots of cheers and excitement and that’s not coming from the kids) but the decision is –

  • Which is the best kid’s bed?
  • What are the benefits of a kid’s bed?
  • What type of mattress is best for a child?
  • What is the most supportive mattress for a child?

There are many questions parents ask, but in my opinion you need to treat choosing your child’s mattress like choosing your own, after all sleep is an important factor as it plays a part in the daily life of a child such as their mood and overall health.

 A child’s recommended sleep is 11-12 hours, so it is very important you make the right decision when choosing a bed. We have a range of different styles and colours that your little one may love, but it also very important the mattress is the right one.

The same as adult mattress, children’s mattresses also come in open coil, memory foam and pocket sprung, but all depends on your budget and preference.

The Hush Collection – Making it affordable for your little ones growth

From €119 -

Designed for kids, our Hush mattress is an open coil spring mattress. It is a turnable mattress which makes it very popular especially if you’re child treats their mattress as a bouncy castle or trampoline. The turnable option also offers lasting comfort. Our recommendation is that this mattress would be for children of the age of 3 to 8.

After the age of 8+ that I would suggest going for our upgraded option of our Sensation mattress –

The Sensation 1000 Pocket sprung Mattress-

From €199 –

For an extra €80 to upgrade from the Hush, I can promise you would not be disappointed. The Sensation 1000 pocket sprung mattresses offers so many benefits and is perfect for the stage where your child is moving into their teen years, it would be the better option to go for as your child is growing mentally and physically along with their bones and joints.

The Sensation is a great supportive mattress as the 1000 pockets are induvial pockets which target the joints, if you have a cheeky monkey who loves climbing and running around, once they go to sleep, their body enters repair mode and this mattress is the best to help. Not only supportive to their body but also helping get the best night’s sleep with no tossing or turning or pain.

Bed sets -

Once you have choose the mattress, the bed set is what is next on the list!

Our divan bed sets are proven to be beneficial for kids and adults of all ages. Our divan beds have a hard platform top and are made from solid timber frame which offers a firm and supportive surface which is perfect for your child’s ever growing needs.

You can add the full bed set on from as little as €80 –

Our set come in a range of different styles and colours. If you want plain and simple that goes with anything we have our DFI Charcoal Set and our DFI Grey Edition set.

These come with a mattress option of your choice, base and plain upholstery headboard which is very easy to clean.

If you want to go for maybe a bit more of a sparkle or burst in colour or something a little bit more creative, our most popular would be -

‘DFI Get the party started Pink set’

Perfect for any child who loves PINK!! Our gorgeous candy cane pink set comes with mattress option of your choice, base and a studded headboard.

‘DFI Silver Crushed velvet set’

Our Silver crushed velvet is for the children who loves a bit of bling added to their room. This set comes with mattress option, base and headboard with a diamanté finish.

Make the right decision for you and your child, after all if you don’t, it is straight back into mammy or daddy’s bed!!

And don’t forget, if you still have little ones who have accidents in the bed, it is recommended to buy a mattress protector to ensure you protect your mattress and it is as simple as throwing it in the washing machine and using it again, simples! - 

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