How To Choose The Best Guest Bed [2024]

Guest Beds - Buyers Guide

Guest Beds - Buyers Guide

You have finally decided to transform that 'spare' room from a storage area for empty boxes and unused furniture to a functioning guest bedroom, excellent!

Now, the hunt begins for the best guest bed for your situation. Is it a daybed or trundle bed you're after? Or perhaps a stylish bed with storage? Let's not forget the size either. 

There are a LOT of factors to consider when choosing a guest bed.

Fear not, in this blog post the DFI Beds team take you through the process of picking the perfect guest bed.

What is a guest bed?

A guest bed is a bed in your home that is primarily dedicated to accommodating overnight guests.

Guest beds come in all shapes and sizes. They can be as simple as a daybed that doubles as a sofa or as elaborate as a trundle bed that hides an extra sleeping space.

Guest Bed Buying Considerations

Now that you're familiar with what a guest bed is, let's look at the factors you should consider when choosing the best guest bed for your home.

Bedroom Space: Assess the space in your guest room to determine if a permanent bed, a sofa bed, or a futon is more suitable, considering both their footprint and storage needs. Ultimately the size of the space determines the size of the bed you can buy.

Frequency of Use: Consider the comfort level of the bed option, especially if it will be used frequently by guests. A guest bed that can accommodate a high-quality mattressis extra important if you have regular guests.

Ease of Use: Evaluate how easy the bed is to set up and put away, especially if you plan on buying a bed that will be moved or converted regularly for storage.

Budget and Durability: Factor in your budget and the durability of the bed. Higher quality beds may cost more upfront but offer better longevity and comfort over time.

What are the different types of guest beds?

There are many different types of guest bed so you should have no trouble finding one that best suits your needs and budget.

When thinking of guest beds, most people immediately think of sofa beds, an excellent choice for a family room where it may see more use as a sofa than a guest bed.

However you also have the option of day beds, futon beds, and trundle beds, each with their own strengths.

Lets take a look at the main types of guest bed:

Sofa Beds

A sofa bed serves as a traditional sofa with seating for multiple people which easily converts into a bed for sleeping. It features a hidden mattress beneath its frame, which is pulled out to transform the sofa into a bed.

Sizes range from single to Double, accommodating just about any sleeping arrangement. Some feature additional storage options, like under-seat drawers.


Day Beds

A Day Bed is really more bed than sofa, day beds serve as a comfy seating option during the day to a cosy sleeping space at night.

You'll find day beds in various styles, like metal, wood, and upholstered, fitting any decor. They often feature a backrest or armrests, making them double as a cozy lounging spot. The key characteristic is that they do NOT fold up/away - they are basically a bed with a back and arms.

Puzzled? We aren't surprised, it is definitely confusing! Check out our what is a day bed? post to learn more about Day Beds.


These adaptable sleep solutions serve as a couch and a bed.

Different than a true sofa bed, they consist of a simple, adjustable frame and a single cushion that serves both as the seat when folded into a sofa position and as the mattress when laid flat.

You can learn more about what a futon bed is here.

Trundle Beds / Pull out beds

Continuing on the topic of versatile guest beds, it is also worth considering trundle beds. Trundle beds, sometime called pull out beds, are designed to save space with a second bed tucked away under the main bed.

As with other types of guest bed, Trundles come in various sizes, from single to small double, and even European single options.

Some even come with integrated storage drawers or shelves, offering you added functionality.


What Size Should a Guest Bed be?

Determining the best size for a guest bed is crucial to ensure your guests enjoy a comfortable and restful night's sleep.

First of all, always consider the size of the room - that goes without saying.

After that, consider the reality of your overnight guest stays, do you usually have a couple stay over or is it just one visitor from time to time?

Single Size Beds: Typically measuring 3 feet x 6 feet, this bed will comfortably accommodate one adult sleeper, making it perfect if you mainly accommodate solo visitors.

Small Double Beds: If you primarily host couples, consider opting for a small double guest bed. These measure 4 feet x 6 feet, providing ample sleeping space for two.


So, what is the best guest bed?

Aside from the obvious "the one that best suits your needs", we will go on record as saying we believe that the best guest bed is a sofa bed.

Why? It is both a very good sofa AND a very good bed. We feel the other types just don't offer quite as much versatility and comfort.

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