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Mattress in an envelope...

Mattress in an envelope...

Find out more about the development process of the new ‘Mattress in an Envelope’ from DFI Beds…



You haven’t just clicked a link believing we could fit a mattress into an envelope?

To make up for trying to fool you treat yourself or a friend to a 10% off Coupon from DFI Beds - just use APRILFOOL at check out for 10% off all items on our website (This is not another April fool prank but is only valid until  04/04/21) 

Whilst we are living in a crazy world at the moment a mattress in an envelope might just be a bit farfetched and here at DFI Beds we don’t believe a mattress in a box is a great idea either, especially given that DFI guarantee to deliver within 7 days from order date any of our comfy beds or mattress, uncompressed and fully formed and ready to use. We offer FREE Delivery on everything and we deliver using our own fleet of modern vehicles and our own delivery professionals with a polite ,helpful and courteous approach.

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Keeping Bed Prices Down With DFI Beds

Today all we are seeing and hearing are prices going up with everything all over the country.

Petrol, Diesel, Electric and the overall cost in living has taken a massive jump.

The excuse nowadays is that the price increase is ‘inevitable’ but not here with DFI Beds.

As we manufacture our own products, we have chosen to put our customers first and reduce costs and increase efficiencies which means we can continue to be Irelands leading number one bed retailer. 

We have looked very closely at the design of our beds, what customers want but most importantly what customers can AFFORD.

We have a variety of options depending on the customer’s budget that we can help with while still having a good supportive and lasting mattress and bed set.

Our bed set offers include:

The Grey Edition Bed Set with Luxury Orthopaedic mattress

Prices shown includes our Luxury Orthopaedic mattress with base and headboard and FREE delivery. The luxury mattress has Ava Coil Supportive spring system with cool flex surface and dual comfort layer.

Single: €259

Double: €359

King: €409

Super King: €599


We have many mattresses available at affordable prices that our sleep experts and production staff have specialised in creating a comfortable mattress but with the budget price.

Levitate ThermoCare 1400 Mattress

The Levitate comes with 1400 individual pocket springs which helps support all the right places. Pocket spring mattresses are long lasting and give more support all over the body. Edge to edge support with prevents the mattress from sagging.

Single: €199

Double: €299

King: €349

Super King: €599


The Single Edition Divan with Hush Kids Mattress

Choosing a kid’s bed can be tough in these times as you may only need it for a few years until they grow a little more and don’t want to fork out extortionate money. DFI has taken all points into consideration and have designed for kids, our Hush mattress with divan bed set. The Hush is an open coil spring mattress. It is also a turnable mattress which makes it very popular especially if you’re child treats their mattress as a bouncy castle or trampoline. The turnable option also offers lasting comfort.

Single: €209


Flexible Payment Options 

We believe that cost saving shouldn’t mean sacrificing a good night’s sleep, this is why we offer flexible payment options. 

You can pay by the following:

  • Cash on delivery
  • Card before / on delivery
  • PayPal
  • Google Pay
  • Apple Pay
  • HUMM Ireland finance option.

HUMM Ireland offer a fortnightly payment option for customers who would like to spread the cost over a certain time.

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DFI Premium Range

DFI Premium Range

The Regency Inspiration Premium Range. Not only have we brought our new gorgeous colours to life, but we also have topped it off with one of our brand new deluxe soft mattresses, the Inspiration. A slightly softer mattress 

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Fun Facts about beds.

Fun Facts about beds.

Fun Facts about beds.

It is said we spend 1/3 of our lives in our bed. It is the first place you wake up in the morning and the last place you lie before you go to sleep, our comfort space where we watch TV, read and go to sleep, but have you got into bed and your brain goes over drive thinking the most bizarre and random thoughts?

Well these fun facts may just blow your mind even more.


The most expensive bed in the world –

Did you know the world’s most expensive bed in 2020 was priced around 400,000, and it has a waiting list, there was no 7 day express FREE delivery there?! The mattress itself was all handmade and took over 600 hours to assemble and hand stitch.  Thankfully I think we would have something a bit less expensive to suit your budget and needs and no waiting list required, straight to your door with a cash on delivery option, but I mean if you want to go for the €400,000 one instead, we won’t stop you!


When was the first bed invented?

The oldest known mattress is in the world is from 77,000 years ago. The bed was around 12’’ thick and 22square feet to hold the whole family, it was made up with fillings of plant materials. Before that, Egyptians were known for their amazing inventions and they invented a raised bed made of plain wood or covered in gold and jewels depending on if you were rich or poor, the raised beds prevented creepy crawlies walking over them during the night.  

Our DFI mattresses are Irish made, have a variety of different fillings, we use pocket springs, memory foam, open coil and gel, and you don’t have to worry about creepy crawlies on the floor with our 14 ‘’ Divan sets. We have got you sorted. 


‘My pillow is as hard as a rock’–

Did you know the saying ‘my pillow is as hard as a rock’ came from around 7000 BC, Ancient Egyptians would use stones as a pillow to prop their necks up. Lucky for you, we don’t have that problem. Check out our Luxury Aine Ryan Pillows, only €20 with any order placed on our website. We will never hear that saying come out of your mouth with our DFI pillows!

How long do we spend in bed?

The average person spends around 26 years sleeping in their life, that equals to 9,490 days or 227,760 hours, so why not make sure you have invested in the right bed!

We have our products in stock ready to go, our mattress depths start from 9’’ all the way up to 14’’, and you won’t be disappointed with our range!


Mattresses can double weight in 8 years –

Warning this will make your skin crawl!

Your mattress can double its weight in 8 years? How you ask? It is a result of being filled with dead dust mites and their detritus. (Goosebumps)

 One of the many ways to protect your mattress from this happening, is by using a mattress protector and we have just the perfect one for you. 

It is recommended you change your mattress every 8 years for this reason and we always have a discount count for our loyal returning customers too, DFI is always about looking out for our customers.


It is illegal to order a bed on a Sunday in Washington –

Pay day has come, you have had that perfect bed in mind, you go to check out and buy it on a Sunday and oops you remember you are breaking the law.

 No not at DFI, but in Washington DC. An old law states, it is illegal to buy a mattress or sell a mattresses on a Sunday. Thankfully we are here every day to help you get what you want, even on Sunday our sales team are here from 9am – 10pm every day!!

(Even though we secretly wish we could have a sneaky Sunday off too, maybe the Americans are that bit better, hint hint bossman!)

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Am I still able to get delivery of my new bed?

Am I still able  to get delivery of my new bed?

As we all adjust to a new way of living and working, we want you to know that the team here at DFI are committed to doing all we can to keep both our staff and customers safe.

DFI are open, and we are working hard to ensure deliveries throughout Ireland can continue safely for you, and for our warehouse and delivery staff. DFI continue to use our own staff to deliver all of our beds or mattress

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