How To Dispose of Your Old Bed & Mattress [Ireland]

How To Dispose of Your Old Bed

How To Dispose of Your Old Bed

When buying a new bed customers often find it hard to get rid of their old beds, especially in the current climate when many bed retailers are unable to take away the old mattresses / beds.

Due to the health of yourself the customer and our staff we no longer offer the service of removing old beds. We find mixing old beds along with customers new beds is just not the right option especially in these times otherwise we would love to help.

We understand some may find it hard getting rid of their own beds, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t any other options, you could feel generous with a donation, make a few quid, or help the planet!

Below are a few tips on how to dispose of your old bed, if you are still assessing your new bed options check out our range by clicking on the button below:

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Donate to a charity

Helping others in need is a great way to get rid of your old mattress. It is a major mood-booster and gives you that feel good feeling. You are helping out someone who may not be in the same position as you to buy a bed and why not donate? It is better someone getting use out of it rather than it sitting in a skip, you are making a positive change in someone’s life and it may have the same impact for them to do the same.  Keeping that in mind- during these times, it may only be only bed frames charities are willing to take in.

We were proud to support Focus Ireland during the month of November raising over €3000 from mattress and bed sales in the month of November.

Here are some local charities around Ireland –

Local council pick up

Sometimes the handiest option for customers who maybe might not have the room or a vehicle to bring it somewhere is getting it collected and safely disposed of. There a lot of councils in Ireland who are willing to collect your old bed for a small fee. The positives from this are you are helping the environment as not only do the council collect it, they only dispose of it safely in accordance with the law. There is no fly tipping or waste crime, they bring it to a recycling centre and dispose of them there making this the best environmentally friendly option.

Here is a link to the local councils around your area, it is worth a check before you end up with a spare room coming down with mattresses and different parts of a bed frame -

List of Local Councils


Taking it to the local dump

With bringing it to the dump option, you will need a car or van big enough to fit your old bed into. Although it seems like the easiest option, it isn’t the most environmental friendly option. Disposing the mattress in a dumping centre adds to the worsening of a landfill problem which damages our environment.

Selling your old bed frame

Our last option, is more beneficial to you if you want to make a few euro more out of your own bed set. Again keeping in mind, it might not be the ideal option selling your old mattress in these times, but if it is a clean, like new mattress you may still get a buyer. Wooden and metal bed frames would also bring in profit if in good condition.

There are lots of places to advertise too –

Gumtree, Donedeal, and Facebook marketplace will be your safest bet when trying to get rid of your old bed.

Let’s face it, everyone loves a good bargain!!

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