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Tufted vs Non Tufted Mattresses

Tufted vs Non Tufted Mattresses

It does get confusing when trying to pick a mattress online, tufted, non-tufted, pocket sprung, and memory foam. What is the difference between each? Learning the ins and outs of mattresses surfaces are very important when trying to get a good night’s sleep.

Making the right decision means having more knowledge on tufted mattresses and non-tufted, and what to expect with each.

What is a tufted mattress?

One of the most traditional ways to make a mattress is tufting.

This method is used all over the world, the tufting pulls together layers through the spring and binds it with woollen pom poms or buttons (as customers would like to call them) which holds the mattress fillings together. It helps by keeping the layers of a mattress in place and allowing the springs to stay where they are meant too. Tufted mattresses also makes the mattress firmer too which is very important who need support with back problems. Our most popular tufted mattress is our ‘Posture Plus’ which is a great choice for people who want and need a firm mattress or if you want to go with something a little less firmer it would be the Sanctuary 1400 pocket sprung mattress.


Holds multi-layered mattress together

Mattress lasts longer

More comfortable sleeping surface


Usually more expensive than the average mattress

Some people don’t like the feel of the tufts/ indents in the mattress


Non-tufted mattresses –

A lot of customers get put off with mattress tufts and don’t like the feel of them, this is why there are other options below.

Quilted mattresses –

A Quilted mattress offers a more smooth flat finish, which customer prefer as it makes the top of the mattress a more ‘even finish.’

Quilting involves stitching several layers of materials together by using long pieces of thread to hold soft layers unlike tufting which uses thick straps to hold layers together.  These mattresses also offer a high level of comfort and support.

Our two most popular quilted mattresses would be our Sensation 1000 pocket sprung mattress and Gelflex 3000 pocket sprung mattress.


Pillow top mattresses –

Pillow top mattresses offer an additional layer into the top of a mattress. Not only does the pillow top create more comfort for the customer but it also has the premium look too! The pillow top has fillings such as memory foam, wool, cotton and silk which is ideal to sink into at night after a long hard day.

Our pillow top mattresses would be our top of the range mattresses-

DFI Lifestyle memory foam pocket 1000 pillow top mattress, DFI Opulence 3000 Pocket sprung mattress and DFI Connoisseur 4000 Pocket Sprung Mattress.


At the end of the day, it all comes down to personal preference and which will help you sleep better at night. Each of our mattresses come with a firmness chart, information on the mattress and live chat assistance to help you choose what is right for you.

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