What is a Storage Bed? [2024 Buyers Guide]

What Is a Storage Bed?

What Is a Storage Bed?

Beds with storage can come in all different styles and configurations. A bed that is designed to include storage can come as a divan bed with storage built in or a bed frame that can have a place for storage underneath.

Storage beds are very handy for people who may not have space in their rooms for wardrobes and drawers etc. But also very handy for spare rooms and children rooms where you might just need that extra space to store toys/towels/bed sheets. 

Storage beds are made from timber and most have the option to include drawer storage inside the base itself or there is the option of gas lift ottoman beds which has storage built into the bed once you pull up the mattress.

How to choose your storage bed

When deciding which base you want to go for, you also have the option of choosing a bed with storage. You would have to take into consideration what exactly you want to place in drawers and what space you may have in your room as not every storage bed is the same. 

Each bed comes in different sizes which means the drawer size will also be different. Along with that you will also have the option of choosing between one to four drawers. Remember to consider where the bed is placed in the room also, as if it is place up against the wall, you won’t need to go for the four drawer option. So if you are looking for maximum storage in your bed, the 4 drawer option would be suited more for you while if you just want to put a few things lying around, the two drawer option might be better. If you are unable to have room for either, this is when the gas lift ottoman storage bed option may be suited more to you. 

How much does a bed with storage cost?

The cost of a storage bed comes down to the size, brand and how many drawers you potentially will be looking for. The majority of companies will try and do a deal on the full bed set with drawer option. The price will vary from drawer storage to ottoman storage, ottoman storage beds are always the more expensive option.

Is a storage bed easy to assemble?

Most divan bases come with the drawer storage inside the base. This makes it very easy for customers and no assembly required. Other bases may come with assembly instructions that customers will follow to get their bed built correctly. Each brand and manufacturer bases are built different and may have different requirements for how to assemble your storage bed so be careful when buying and make sure you know exactly what you need before you assemble your bed.

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