The Best Mattress For Neck Pain [2024 Guide]

The Best Mattress For Neck Pain

The Best Mattress For Neck Pain

Most of us will experience neck pain at some time in our lives. The causes of neck pain can vary from bad posture and muscle strain to nerve damage or injuries induced by an accident or fall.

Regardless of the cause, when you’re suffering from neck pain, trying to get comfortable can be an issue, particularly when trying to sleep at night. Finding a comfortable position to get some rest and relief from your pain is essential for recovery and there are a number of things you can do to help improve your sleep.

Neck pain is connected to the support of your back, so the best mattress for neck pain also offer excellent support and pressure point relief for those who suffer from back pain. 

As a detailed extension to our Best Mattress Buying Guide, we take a look at some of the best mattresses for those suffering with neck pain.

Mattress firmness for neck pain

If you suffer from neck pain, you will need a mattress that is able to support you, so firmness is key. While you may have a personal preference on your preferred level of firmness when it comes to a mattress, ultimately, a firmer option can often help when it comes to relieving neck and back pain. If you usually prefer a softer sleep surface, mattress toppers or hybrid mattresses can offer a comfort layer, while you still get firm support from the mattress beneath.


Best Mattress For Neck Pain

DFI Recommends: Hybrid Mattress 

If you suffer from neck pain (or back pain for that matter), a mattress that offers support for the body’s key pressure points is essential. While you don’t want a mattress that is so soft that you sink down into it, you may want a softer layer for additional comfort. We believe that a hybrid mattress is the best mattress for neck pain – the pocket sprung base offers strong support, providing even distribution of weight, alleviating strain on pressure points, while a soft memory foam or gel layer provides a comfort layer, providing enough softness that allows you to sink in to make contact with the supportive mattress beneath.

The best mattress for neck pain
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Why is a Hybrid the best mattress for neck pain?

  • The pocket sprung core of a hybrid mattress provides a firm surface and even distribution of weight
  • Soft memory foam or gel provides a comfort layer and helps to keep spine in neutral alignment
  • Comfort layer provides pressure relief for joints, back and neck
  • Provides even distribution of weight, relieving pressure points


Option 2: Orthopaedic Mattress

Orthopaedic mattresses are well known as good solutions for those who suffer with back pain, this is what also makes orthopaedic mattresses a great option for those who suffer with neck pain as back and neck pain are connected and may have an impact on one another.

Orthopaedic mattresses are specifically designed to support the pressure points of the body including the neck, back, joints and overall body. They tend to be on the firm side and it’s this firmness that offers the strong base of support that helps to evenly distribute the weight of the body and keep the spine in neutral alignment, while relieving pressure on the neck, back and joints. 

Why is an orthopaedic mattress a good choice for neck pain?

  • Offers a firm surface and evenly distributes body weight
  • Even distribution of weight alleviates pressure on the neck, back and other joints


Option 3: Pocket Sprung Mattress

Pocket Sprung Mattresses offer a comfortable option for those suffering with neck pain and are available in a variety of firmness levels. The individually pocketed springs that make up the core of a pocket sprung mattress react individually to the movement of your body, supporting and distributing the weight of the body evenly, which prevents key areas like the neck, back and joints absorbing additional pressure which may result in pain.

Why is a pocket sprung a good mattress for neck pain?

  • Pocket sprung mattresses provide even distribution of weight
  • This even distribution of body weight prevents build up of pressure on the neck, back, shoulder, hips and ankles
  • Responsive to movement and shape
  • Good motion isolation ensuring minimal disturbance for co-sleepers
  • Come in a variety of firmness and spring count options

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