How To Choose The Best Duvet [Ireland 2024]

How To Choose The Best Duvet

How To Choose The Best Duvet

Deciding on the best duvet to buy can be overwhelming, there is a lot of information to take into consideration. Especially in Ireland where the weather is particularly unpredictable!

Of course you can go to your nearest shop or online retailer and select and buy any duvet but is it going to be the best duvet for you?

One of the first things to do is ask yourself when deciding the best duvet to buy is what kind of sleeper am I?

I don’t mean, side sleeper, or you sleep on your back, I mean how warm or cold do you get at night? We may need a duvet for winter as well as summer.

Personally I am always freezing, I need cosy pjs and the electric blanket on, which means I need to find the right weight and tog rating on a duvet. I need my winter duvet all year round.

If you are a warm sleeper, you won’t need a heavy duvet on your mattress, if you are a cold sleeper you will, especailly in winter.

With the above in mind, lets start by understanding what is meant by the term "tog rating"

What is a duvet Tog Rating?

A tog rating is a measure of how your duvet insulates heat. The higher rating means the duvet is going to be warmer while a lower rating means it is lighter and not very heat effective. 

The most popular tog ratings are 13.5 which are commonly used through the winter months, then 10.5 through Spring/ Autumn time and finally 4.5 throughout the Summer time. That said, the best duvet for you is the duvet which keeps you at a comfortable temperature, no matter what time of year.

Duvet Fillings

The two most popular duvet fillings are natural and synthetic. Each with their own pros and cons.

What are natural duvet fillings?

Natural duvets will be filled with duck or goose feathers, wool or silk.

Pros of Natural fillings

  • Stronger
  • High Insulation and breathable
  • Durable
  • Luxurious feel

What are Synthetic duvets fillings? 

Synthetic duvets are non-allergenic, which means they are filled with Hollowfibre and Microfibre.

Pros of Synthetic fillings

  • Less expensive
  • Washing machine friendly
  • Easy-care
  • Suitable for people with allergies

How often should I wash my duvet?

It is recommended to wash your duvet every 3-4 months. Always make sure to check the label on your duvet and remember which one you have, whether it is a natural or a synthetic duvet.

Natural duvets should be dry cleaned only due to the fillings.

Synthetic duvets you are able to put into the washing machine and clean but if it is for a stain, maybe try and tackle the stain first, if you can try a quick fix!

Always make sure to keep it on the normal spin setting and allow it to dry by airing it out after.

What sizes do duvets come in?

DFI sell duvets that are standard Ireland & UK Sizes to match our divan beds.

We sell the following duvet sizes: 

  • Single: 135cmx200cm
  • Double: 200cmx200cm
  • King: 230cmx220cm
  • Super King: 260cmx220cm


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