The Best Mattress For Hip Pain [2024 Guide]

The Best Mattress For Hip Pain

The Best Mattress For Hip Pain

We can't overstate the value of a good night’s sleep and the difference it can make to your health and wellness, but did you know that sleep is a crucial component of physical recovery? The time you spend sleeping allows your body the essential time required to aid in healing and recuperation from ailments.

However, if, like many Irish people, you suffer from hip pain, the precious sleep that could help your body to heal can be hard to come by. Sometimes simply finding a comfortable position is not enough, this is where the importance of identifying the best mattress for hip pain sufferers comes into play. 

A new mattress can help to contribute to a reduction in hip pain, providing pressure relief and a better night of sleep. With so many different types of mattress available (our best mattress guide provides an overview),  it can be difficult to find the best mattress for hip pain, so to make things easier for you, we’re looking at some of the different mattress types available and their suitability for individuals who suffer from a painful hip.


Bed Basics: Base/Frame

Believe it or not, even your bed frame or base can have an impact on your level of comfort. Divan beds offer a sturdy base of stability and extra support for mattress and sleeper, which can be particularly useful to those suffering with hip or back pain. Metal or wooden bed frames which need to be assembled can become less stable over time as bolts and screws loosen, resulting in an unstable mattress base which can cause movement.


Choosing The Best Mattress For Hip Pain

DFI Recommends: Hybrid Mattresses

Most commonly, a hybrid mattress combines a spring system with an additional layer of memory foam cushioning to provide the strong support of a spring mattress with the additional pressure relief provided by a layer of foam or gel on top.

A hybrid mattress provides a good solution for those with hip pain through its top layer of pressure relieving memory foam, while also offering the feel of a traditional spring bed.

Mattress For Hip Pain
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Why is a hybrid the best mattress for hip pain sufferers?

  • Pocket sprung section provides even distribution of weight and support of the mid-section which alleviates pressure on hips.
  • Memory foam topping provides soft comfort layer and contours to the. body to keep spine in neutral alignment
  • Pressure relief for hips, back and joints

We believe a hybrid mattress, such as the DFI Gelflex, is the best mattress for hip pain sufferers.


Option 2: Coil Sprung Mattresses

Basic innerspring mattresses, also referred to as open coil mattresses are much less popular today than in the past. An innerspring mattress uses steel coils to provide body support, with the coil cores contained within the mattress. 

Over time, the springs within the mattress can start to become sore on pressure points such as the hips, ankles and shoulders as the soft material of the mattress dips. In addition this, as the support of the springs lessen over time, body weight is less evenly supported which can impact on the natural alignment of the spine while sleeping.

This is not a mattress type we would recommend for those with hip pain.


Option 3: Pocket Sprung Mattresses

A more advanced version of an innerspring mattress, a pocket sprung mattress houses a number of individual springs which are contained in pockets of fabric within the mattress.

As springs within a pocket sprung mattress operate independently of one another, they provide a more stable base for the body in sleep, responding to weight, shape, movement and sleeping position by providing even support and distribution of the body weight, making it a cut above an innerspring mattress for those who suffer from hip pain.

How can a pocket sprung mattress help with hip pain?

  • Pocket sprung mattresses provide even distribution of weight and support of the midsection, relieving pressure on hips and other joints
  • Responsive to movement and shape of body to absorb pressure


Option 4: Memory Foam Mattresses

In a memory foam mattress, the material reacts to pressure and heat, changing shape to fit the sleeper’s body and ‘remembering’ or holding it in place.               

As the memory foam pushes down and fits around your body, it can ease pressure points and aching joints, making a memory foam mattress ideal for those with hip pain. The response of memory foam to heat and weight from the body enables it to mould to the sleeper’s position, relieving pressure and providing relief from joint and hip pain

How can a memory foam mattress help with hip pain?

  • Support of a memory foam mattress keeps spine in neutral alignment
  • Relieves pressure points on hips, back and joints                                 
  • Available in different levels of firmness


Option 5: Orthopaedic Mattresses

Orthopaedic mattresses are specifically designed to support the joints, back and overall body.  

An orthopaedic mattress may be able to ease hip pain by providing pressure relief, however, orthopaedic mattresses are known to be firm which does not appeal to everyone.

Orthopaedic mattresses are often available as hybrid mattresses with an additional foam or gel layer to offer a comfortable top layer, without sacrificing the firmness of the mattress beneath.

How can an orthopaedic mattress help with hip pain?

  • Firm support and weight distribution provides additional support for the spine and takes weight and pressure off your hips and back.


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