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How To Stay Cool When Sleeping

How To Stay Cool When Sleeping

We all want to get better sleep and being too warm, especially during the spring and summer months is a common cause of a poor sleep.

One of the secrets to keeping cool at night is actually keeping your temperature down before you go to sleep. Your body temperature starts to decrease in the early evening so it is recommended not to do exercise before you go to sleep because it will cause your temperature to spike which makes it very difficult to get to sleep.

Blackout Blinds – INVEST!

Keeping the blinds tilted or closing curtain helps keep the sun out of your room which leaves it a lot cooler, but black out blinds are the right way to go, not only do they block out the light completely but they also let in air too!

Airflow in the bedroom

Which leads me to my next point, try and keep as many windows open to allow air to circulate around the rooms. Allowing the rooms to cool throughout the day helps when going to bed at night.

Lighter Duvet

It is no longer freezing cold winter nights, you don’t need your 13.5 Tog duvet, time to swap over. Going for a low tog rating is going to benefit you so much (even if the duvet has been kicked off. )

The right PJs

Make sure you have the right set of PJS on, a trip to Pennys is what you need to do! (Who would complain about that?) Light or cotton pyjamas are the best to wear on a hot night, and let’s face it who doesn’t love a trip to Pennys to get new PJS!

Cooling Bed Clothes

A lot of people swear by this tip! Putting bed sheets / pillow cases or even their socks in the freezer. They find if you put them in a bag and place them in the freezer and when it is time for bed take them out and put them back on the bed, everything is cool, and if it is anything like flipping your pillow over to the cooler side, I would tend to agree with them!

Glass Of Water

Drinking a glass of water in the evening helps but it also helps to have one by your bed too! Nothing is worse than wakening up in the middle of the night and you are completely dehydrated itching for a pint of water.

Buy a Fan

Using an electric fan comes in handy for those hot summer nights, not only do they come with settings on how cold you want it but a timer too for how long you want it on for, so even if you do fall asleep you don’t have to worry about the fan being on all night or having to get out of a comfy spot to turn it off.

Our Cooling Mattresses

Last but not least, you have to have a comfortable mattress that doesn’t keep you warm at night.

 Our top two mattresses to help with those warmer nights are our Icool Mattress and Gelflex.

DFIs ICool has cool touch fabric and the DFI Gelflex uses combined cooling gel to personalise your sleep every night, the gel helps absorb excess heat when you are too warm, keeping you at a cool temperature while you sleep. They both help with making you feel cooler throughout the night.

Say goodbye to the restless nights and tossing and turning and hello to a better, cooler night’s sleep. 

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