What is a pillow top mattress?

What is a pillow top mattress?

Compared with 20 years ago mattress technology has become significantly more advanced, the result is of course huge improvements in the quality of mattresses. Customers find they are now spoilt for choice when picking their new mattress without knowing any information on what the different types of mattresses are.

DFI Sleep experts are here to help explain and help customers know the difference in what they are now buying. One of the most common questions we get is:

What exactly is a pillow top mattress?

A pillow top mattress has become one of the most popular mattresses all over the world, the main reason being is the ‘cushion feel’ customers love to sleep on, along with many hotels worldwide providing a pillow top mattress for their guests when they stay. And who doesn’t love a Hotel feel and quality mattress.

The pillow top is a soft foam layer that is placed on top of the mattress, almost like a mattress topper only it is stitched on to the top of the mattress, it is a permanent and isn’t able to be taken off.  It has the luxurious look to it which makes it appealing to customers and catches their eye. This also means the mattress is only one sided and deeper than the regular mattress.

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Benefits of a pillow top mattress

Comfort in the top layer

The mattress you lie on could be the best of the best, but maybe just a tad bit to firm for you. The pillow top on the mattress helps keep the firmness of the mattress below while also introducing that bit more comfort and softness in the top layer. Customers love having that option as sometimes a full foam mattress or spring only mattress can either be too soft or too firm, there would be no in between, while the pillow top offers that medium firmness.

Distributes weight

High quality pillow tops evenly distribute weight between two people lying in the bed which helps by eliminating pressure points and helping customers get a better night’s sleep.

No trapped heat

I find customers freak out when they hear pillow top as they think it’s full of memory foam and they are going to be up all night sweating and warm, when in fact it is the opposite. A pillow top doesn’t capture your body heat which means it doesn’t keep you up at night with ‘the sweats.’


The good news is these mattresses are also part of a Premium range at affordable prices, our bestselling pillow top mattress would be ‘The Lifestyle Pillowtop Mattress.’


Cons of a pillow top mattress:


One of the cons of a pillow top that customer’s fine is sheets to fit the mattress, as it would be deeper than the average mattress. But this shouldn’t be an issue as you can buy sheets for mattresses at 14/15’’ depth.

Just look for extra deep sheets and that would be the problem sorted.



With any mattress, settlement is normal in the mattress, but even more so with a pillow top mattress after a few years use. The memory foam in the pillow top can sometimes dip into the mattress but this can be prevented by rotating your mattress every 3 months so your body isn’t lying in that position for a long time that it can cause the dipping.

Overall we find customers LOVE a pillow top mattress. Not only does it look luxurious but it does helps to reduce discomfort and pain and helps with a better night’s sleep, as long as your follow the after care of a mattress, you shouldn’t experience any grief with a pillow top mattress.

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