What is a Coil Sprung mattress?

What is a Coil Sprung mattress?

A coil sprung mattress uses steel coils to provide body support, with the coil cores contained within the mattress, designed to absorb the weight of a body in recline. This mattress provides a firm, but springy foundation for sleepers and when it comes to cost is generally on the cheaper end of the price scale.

As part of our mattress type series, we take a deeper look at the coil sprung mattress and its construction.

The original modern mattress, the coil sprung mattress is probably the most common and it is the one from which most modern sprung mattresses evolved from. 

 A conventional mattress type, coil sprung is the oldest mattress construction and typically consists of 3 parts:

  • The Foundation:The foundation is designed to support the coils, with the bottom part of the mattress providing a base for the even distribution of the coils. Commonly made of wool, this is the primary structure of the mattress.
  • The Core: The core is the main part of an innerspring mattress, this is where all the coils and springs are housed. The volume of springs and coils may vary between mattresses, but more springs and thicker coils offer a better support for sleepers. 
    With traditional coil sprung mattresses, all the coils are connected in a network, this offers limited absorption of pressure. When pressure is applied to the mattress, the coils react simultaneously across the network of coils, which transfer motion. If you share your bed with a partner and tend to toss and turn, they will also feel the movement.
  • The Comfort Layer:The comfort layer or upholstery of the coil sprung mattress is designed to add a comfortable barrier between the bed user and the inner coil system. The comfort layer can be made from a variety of different fibre or foam materials and as the name would suggest, offers a layer of comfort and softness.


What should I be aware of when choosing a coil sprung mattress?

You may  see the word 'gauge' mentioned by retailers when describing a coil sprung mattress. This refers to the thickness of the wire from which the springs are manufactured. 

  • A lower number indicates a thicker gauge.
  • A thicker gauge means a firmer mattress
  • e.g. a 12.5 gauge mattress will be firmer than a 13.5 gauge.

Keep this in mind when assessing your options.

How long does a Coil Sprung mattress last?

The average lifespan for a coil sprung mattress is around 5-6 years.


Coil Sprung Mattress Pros

  • Price: Coil sprung mattresses are among the cheapest available
  • Support: Provide excellent support.  Most orthopaedic mattresses are coil sprung.
  • Weight: Typically lighter than other mattress types therefore easier to turn.

Coil Sprung Mattress Cons

  • If sharing a bed, you will feel your partner's movements.
  • Prolonged use can result in a dip in the middle
  • Shorter lifespan than other mattress types


Coil Sprung mattresses represent good value for money and are a great choice for those looking for a firm, supportive mattress at a low price point. Be aware that at 5-6 years, coil sprung mattresses have one of the lowest lifespans of any mattress. For those that sleep with a partner, if either of you toss and turn during the night, the other WILL feel it...

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