Best Mattress For Elderly People [2024 Guide]

Best Mattress For Elderly People

Best Mattress For Elderly People

Everyone has their own needs and preferences when it comes to the best mattress, especially elderly people. What is firm for someone, may be too soft for others; what is too high for someone, may not be high enough for another.

There is definitely no “one size fits all” when it comes to a comfortable sleep and this is especially through when searching for the best mattress for elderly people.

Choosing A Mattress For ElderlyPeople

There are some key factors to consider when trying to choose the best mattress for older people, these include:

  • Are there health issues to be taken into consideration?


  • What firmness is the most suitable?


  • Am I physically able to climb in and out of the bed at least twice a day?

We will touch on all of these issues, and more!

We will also aim to help and provide solutions for any worries that you may have.

Tips For a Good Nights Sleep

These tips can be applicable to people of all ages but can have more of a positive impact on elderly people and their sleeping habits.

  • As we get older, our sleep patterns and routines naturally change. We become more sensitive to noise and light. To aid this, try to improve your sleep environment; such as using low wattage bulbs for your lamps in your bedroom – this avoids the use of too much artificial lighting which has been known to affect your sleep. Keep your blinds and windows closed, especially in the summer time when it can be a little lighter in the evenings.


  • In relation to artificial lighting, try to avoid using your electronic tablet, phone and TV in bed. Most of us are guilty of this – let’s be honest! However, getting into your bed for the night is your wind down time – allow yourself to fall asleep peacefully without noise and harsh lighting.


  • Your caffeine and alcohol intake is worth bearing in mind when trying to get a good sleep. Anything containing caffeine is a stimulant and is designed to give you energy. This is obviously not ideal when trying to wind your body down. So… avoid, avoid, avoid!


  • Let your body know it is time to wind down by creating a good sleep routine and keeping consistent regarding what time you go to bed. Reading in bed or having a nice relaxing bath just before getting into bed will certainly relax your body.


  • Aim to get 7 or more hours of sleep a night! Do not feel guilty if you feel like you need a little more, listen to your body and get to bed a little earlier!


Aside from all of the above, what else can an elderly person do to improve their sleep? Find the best mattress for older people - this is a key component to getting a good nights sleep.  

Mattresses For Elderly People: Our Recommendations

Many older people suffer from ailments such as back or hip pain, some may struggle to get into, or out of, a bed that is too high.

We believe that a medium or firm mattress is best for older people. This is largely due to the fact that they will support your body and any aches or pains better than a soft mattress. They are also easier to get out of as you don't sink quite so far into the mattress.

DFI offer a number of mattresses that are perfect for older people, these mattresses offer the perfect combination of firmness and low profile height.

Option 1: DFI Sanctuary 1200 Pocket Sprung Orthopaedic Mattress

Orthopaedic Mattress Older People

The Sanctuary mattress has a traditional mattress profile that isn’t too high. This is ideal for older people as they will not have the worry of trying to hop on a super high mattress!

The Sanctuary mattress offers great orthopaedic support but is not too firm, it has been classified as Soft-Medium Firmness by our panel of Sleep Experts.

It is a 1200 pocket sprung mattress; these individually nested pocket springs eliminate pressure points and provide maximum support for your body.


Option 2: DFI Posture Plus Mattress

The surface of the Posture Plus has supportive fillings which provides an extra firm surface for customers with back pain.

The Posture Mattress has been classified as ‘Firm’ from our panel of Sleep Experts.

This mattress is turnable, and also has that traditional mattress profile that isn't too high.

These features make this a great mattress for elderly people or those with poor mobility.

Low Profile Bed For Older People

Alongside the lower profile mattresses recommended above, DFI can offer bed bases with a reduced height of up to 2 inches/50mm.

A bed consisting of one of the recommended mattresses and these low profile bases will ensure that elderly people or anyone with reduced mobility can get and into and out of their bed with ease and comfort.

We hope that this advice is useful and if you have any questions you can chat to our Sleep Experts using the Chat function on our website!

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