The Best Mattress For Heavy People [Ireland 2024]

The Best Mattress For Heavy People

The Best Mattress For Heavy People

Disclaimer: The purpose of this article is to help customers find their perfect mattress for their body type and night’s sleep, in this case the best mattress for heavy people.

One of our most frequently asked questions are from customers wondering how much weight a mattress can take and which mattress is best for a heavy person.

When trying to choose the right mattress, you have to take into consideration a lot of different things, the firmness, what kind of sleeper you are and your body type.

Each mattress is made with certain specs and different support for every body shape and type, whether it be more memory foam or more pocket springs, DFI has the right mattress for everyone.

Our sleep experts are the most important in cases like this, as they are from different weight groups, we hear proper and REAL feedback from them which helps customers when choosing their mattress.

Identifying The Best Mattress For Heavy People

People with a lighter weight tend to go for softer mattresses as a medium to firm mattress may be too hard for themselves, just like a heavier person should go for a firmer mattress as a soft one would leave them feeling like they are ‘sinking in’ to the mattress and wouldn’t help with their sleep, back pain etc.

Most standard mattresses have standard specs such as pocket springs and memory foam with soft/medium firmness. This sometimes wouldn’t be best advised for everyone, so let’s take a look at which mattress would be best for a heavy person.

The ideal mattress for a heavy person will have:

  • Excellent Support
  • Durability
  • 11" - 14" Thickness
  • Edge to edge support

Best Mattress Type For Heavy People

Pocket sprung and hybrid mattress are two of the most popular and needs to be medium - firm firmness to provide support for heavier people.

Option 1: Pocket Sprung Mattresses

Mattresses with a higher pocket count such as 2000 , 3000, 4000 springs are the best to go for as this offers a lot more support that the average mattress, to add to this a higher pocket count mattress also tends to be more firmer which helps support the body and provides a good night’s sleep. Mattresses with more pocket springs brings the thickness up in the mattress. We recommend going for a mattress that is 11’’ – 14’’ thick, as anything less will leave the mattress with excessive dipping and being able to ‘feel the springs.’

Option 2: Hybrid Mattresses

Hybrid mattresses have the best of both worlds, they are mattresses that are a multi-layer bed that combines foam, gel, springs for a more sturdy bed.


DFI Recommends: Best Mattress Options For Heavier People

The following picks feature both pocket sprung and hybrid mattress options best suited to heavier people. Available at a range of price points there is something here for every budget.

DFI Kudos 2200 Pocket Sprung Zero Gravity Mattress

The Kudos mattress comes with 2200 pocket springs which gives a higher dimension of support and comfort than most mattresses. Measuring 13’’ high and an extra layer of highly flexible springs, it offers support and adapts to the body to relieve pressure to provide a great night’s sleep.

Firmness Level: Medium.

Kudos 2200 Mattress


DFI Graphex 3000 Pocket Sprung Mattress 

The Graphex 3000 pocket sprung mattress is the latest mattress in Graphene technology. With ActiMax adaptive pocket springs offering zonal support and an additional layer of micro springs which specialises in body moulding support, this mattress would be one of the best suited for a heavier body.

Firmness Level: Firm

Graphex 3000

DFI Posture Plus Mattress

The Posture plus would be counted as one of our firmest mattresses that DFI have. The posture plus has 800 pocket springs but that doesn’t mean it lacks support if anything the Posture Plus has supportive fillings to allow an extra firm surface which retains its structure on top. This mattress helps with pressure points and provides maximum support all over for the body. It measures at 11’’ deep and which the firmer fillings, its durability makes this a perfect mattress for a heavier person. 
Firmness Level: Firm
Posture Plus Mattress

DFI Gelflex 3000 Hybrid Pocket Sprung Mattress

Our most popular and one of the best mattresses we sell would be the Gelflex 3000 Hybrid Pocket Sprung Mattress. With the G5 Comfort which combines liquid gel and foam with the ability to adapt to the sleepers body allowing a personalised sleep every night.

The two type of pocket springs means the Gelflex can offer the very best support for all body types and sleeping positions.

Firmness Level: Medium-Firm.

Gelflex Hybrid Mattress

Everyone is different when it comes to comfort in a mattress and what is best suited, only the person themselves know what they would like to sleep on at night, we hope this post helps you find the best mattress for heavier people.

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