What is a Zip & Link Mattress? Definition & Buyer Tips

What Is a Zip and Link Mattress?

What Is a Zip and Link Mattress?

A zip and link mattress consists of two separate mattresses that can be zipped together to form a larger mattress.

This kind of mattress is ideal if you and your partner have different sleep preferences, as it minimizes motion transfer and allows for individual comfort customization.


Key Points

  • Consists of two separate mattresses zipped together, offering separate comfort for each sleeper.
  • Minimises motion transfer, making it ideal for couples with different sleep preferences.
  • Available in larger sizes like King, Super King, and Extra King, it provides a huge sleeping area.
  • As the mattress can be split into two, it is easier to move and clean than a standard King or Super King


Zip & Link Mattress Benefits

Zip and link mattresses offer numerous benefits, including personalized comfort and minimal motion transfer, making them an ideal choice for couples with differing sleep preferences.

If you're someone who values a good night's sleep but often finds yourself disturbed by your partner's movements, this mattress design can be a relationship saver!
The ability to choose the firmness of the individual mattresses mean you can choose different spring tensions for each side, meaning both you and your partner can have your preferred firmness and comfort.
For those concerned about the practicalities of moving and setting up a large mattress, zip and link mattresses offer an easy solution.
They can be conveniently separated into two parts, making them much easier to transport and install.

Whether you're moving home or simply rearranging your bedroom, the flexibility and convenience of a zip and link mattress can make your life significantly easier.


Zip & Link FAQs

The most common customer questions are:

What Are the Advantages of Zip Link Mattresses?

You're looking at a game-changer in sleep comfort. Zip and link mattresses offer you and your partner the ability to customize your side of the bed, so both people can have their preferred mattress firmness.

They prevent that annoying roll-together effect, ensuring a peaceful night's sleep without disturbing each other. Plus, they're a breeze to move and deliver, making them a practical choice for any home.

Can You Feel the Zip on a Zip and Link Mattress?

Many potential buyers are concerned about feeling the zip/join on this type of mattress, but there's good news. The zips are placed conveniently at the sides of the mattresses that join together and NOT on the part on which you will lie.

The zip is hidden underneath the seam, ensuring you won't feel it when you're lying down.

Can I Use a Headboard With a Zip and Link Bed?

If you want to maintain the bed's versatility, go with two separate headboards, one for each single bed. This allows for easy separation of the beds, moving one base, mattress, and headboard away from the other.

Alternatively, you can choose a single, large headboard for aesthetic reasons. However, this means you'll have to remove the headboard entirely when disassembling the beds.

What Sizes are Available?

The typical sizes of zip and link mattresses:

  • King: 5ft wide x 6ft 3 inches long & 5ft wide  x 6ft 6 inches long
  • Super King: 6ft wide x 6ft 3 inches long &  6ft wide  x 6ft 6 inches long


Zip and Link Mattresses Pros & Cons

Like all beds and mattresses, zip and link have their pros and cons:


  • Versatility: Zip and link mattresses cater to different sleep preferences, offering customized comfort for each side.


  • Individualized Comfort: Minimise motion transfer and roll-together effect by customizing each side of the mattress.


  • Convenience: Easy to move and deliver compared to traditional mattresses due to their ability to split into two parts.


  • Space Efficiency: Split design makes them easier to handle and fit through tight spaces.



  • Zip Sensitivity: There's a chance of sensing the zip, especially if the mattress isn't aligned properly.


  • Initial Setup Effort: Ensuring perfect alignment of both halves may require extra effort for a seamless feel.


  • Bed Frame Compatibility: Matching bed frame dimensions and ensuring proper support may limit options or require additional attention.


Zip & Link Mattress Maintenance and Care

To guarantee your zip and link mattress remains in top condition, regular maintenance and care are essential.

These unique mattresses offer personalized comfort, but like all mattresses, they require a bit of attention to maintain their longevity.

  • Rotate and flip your mattresses regularly. This practice ensures even wear and extends the life of your mattress, preventing sagging and maintaining comfort.


  • Keep the zips clean and functional. Dust and debris can accumulate in the zips, making them difficult to use. A quick vacuum can keep them in perfect working order.


  • Using a mattress protector is a wise choice. It shields your mattress from spills, stains, and wear, keeping it fresh and clean.


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