Thinking About Buying a Mattress in a Box? Read This First.

Thinking about buying a mattress in a box? DFI Beds look at your options.

Thinking about buying a mattress  in a box? DFI Beds  look at your options.

When we started selling mattresses the very idea of customers having the option of  buying a bed in a box would have seemed absurd but fast forward twenty years and it seems that there are mattresses in boxes being sold on every tv shopping channel and interiors website.

At DFI we like to think we know a thing or two about beds and mattresses so we thought we would take a closer look at what was avialable to customers here in Ireland  before deciding if it was something our customers were missing out on. 

We were fascinated by the sheer number of mattress  companies (approaching 200!) that were offering similar products , most were from start up companies such as Eve and Casper but International retailers that have retail operations in  Ireland such as Harvey Norman and Ikea also offer their own versions.  Each  promised to have found the perfect mattress at the perfect price. What could the catch be? All you have to do is order the mattress online, and it arrives on your doorstep compressed into a box the size of your kitchen bin - what could go wrong?

We looked at a number of different mattresses and  whilst we found that the images of the mattress displayed in the adverts  looked fantastic the reality was something different. Most of these companies are puffing up their marketing messages in an attempt to be heard above the noise. “Goldilocks found the bed that’s just right, and now you can too,” Purple explains. “The internet’s most comfortable mattress,” Tuft & Needle declares. “Tirelessly engineered sleep products for your best rest,” Casper claims. In short, they’re promising to make your sleep dreams come true.

Whilst the main benefit of buying a bed in a box has always been convenience however  the speed of delivery in Ireland  varied from company to company but we found that on average customers were waiting over a week or longer  on their mattress to arrive. Remember in comparison   DFI beds can deliver your bed and mattress  anywhere on the island of Ireland  (not compressed but ready to be used and enjoyed straigh away) within a few days of recieving your order. Some of the brands we looked at also reccommended that after  opening and uncompressing the mattress they need a few days to regain their shape and to loose thier chemical smell which they term as off-gassing but  which we found frankly to be  a bit off putting.

Another percieved advantage was that one person should be able to manage the mattress as the carton is compact but again we found that a king size mattress in a box 19x19x43 inch box can weigh up to 68kgs! not so easy to move about on your own.

Overall and in summary the DFI team thought that the disadvantages of purchasing a vacuum packed mattress over a traditional mattress  outweighed the advantages but ultimatly the choice is that of you the customer. 


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