The Best Bunk Beds For Kids - 2024 Update

The Best Bunk Beds For Kids - How To Choose

The Best Bunk Beds For Kids - How To Choose

With our newest range of kids Bunk Beds introduced to our range we thought we have put together this guide to finding the best Bunk Beds. They are a favourite amongst DFI customers and we have been asked about them quite a lot. 

What are bunk beds?

Bunk beds are a type of bed where one bed frame is stacked on top of another. This means you have two bed frames that only take up the space of one single bed. Bunks are designed with a ladder on them to make it easy to get to the top bed known as the top bunk. (It was always a fighting match in my house to see who could sleep in the top bunk, the best bunk of all!)

The frame of bunk beds is normally made of wood or metal. The most popular reason for customers buying bunk beds is normally where space is limited. They can be used in children’s bedrooms, or in places such as dormitories and hostels. It is also a fun idea for families that may have multiple children who need to share rooms.

What are the Pros of Bunk beds?

Of course this is the most popular reason for the pros of bunk beds. Space, space, space, we hear about this online and in our showrooms. Bunk beds save space in a room where space is very limited. It takes up the floor space of a single bed compared to a double or two single beds that is possible needed if you have more than one child.

I know this was my favourite reason for a bunk bed when I was a child. Having a bunk bed was fun and cool. (Oh to be young again!) Many children enjoy sleeping in bunk beds as they can be seen as a fun and adventurous sleeping arrangement. It also gave children their own sort of confidence knowing they were able to sleep in a top bunk and trusted to be up high.

Cost effective
Buying Bunk beds can also save you money. The majority of the time it works out cheaper to buy a Bunk bed rather than buying two separate beds for a room. Plus you have the advantage of splitting into two beds if needed for the future, so you really are saving money.

Multiple children
I mentioned in the first point if you have more than one child, bunk beds work out to be a huge advantage but even if it isn’t your own child, bunk beds are ideal for sleepovers or guests staying. It means children sleeping over can all stay in the one room and you don’t have to worry about space or where anyone is going to sleep.

Another great point about bunk beds are they can be customized. If you decide your kids are old enough and no longer need bunk beds, you can split the beds into two bed frames if needed. Bunk beds come in a variety of styles and it means they can always be customized to your needs and what you prefer.

But as always, when there are pros… there are also cons. While there are many advantages to having Bunk Beds, you do need to keep in mind safety measures with them.

What are the Cons of Bunk Beds?

The most important point when it comes to your child. Their safety. Even the best bunk beds can have safety risks if they are not used properly. Children who sleep in the top bunk can fall and injure themselves.

It is always important to explain to your child the risks of a Bunk Bed and what could potentially happen if they mess around on the top bunk or if they aren’t careful.

Limited headroom
Sometimes more with older children who are taller, they find it uncomfortable when trying to sit up in the bunk. Sometimes the room above their head can be restricted which limits them when trying to sit up at night reading a book or watching TV.

Bringing the safety point back into this, when accessing the top bunk this can be difficult for younger children or older adults sleeping on the top bunk. They may have trouble climbing up and down the ladder so always keep this in mind before buying.

As much as there are different styles and colours and shapes and sizes when it comes to bunk beds, there may be someone who feels that Bunk beds just don’t fit into their preference and that is ok, thankfully at DFI Beds we don’t think you will have that problem.

Take a look at our new kids beds collection and remember to always carefully consider which is the best bunk bed for your needs. Our sleep experts are here to help along with any advice you may need. You can contact us via the chat function on the site with any questions you may have.

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