How We Sleep: Insights from the DFI Big Sleep Survey 2024

Unravelling the Mysteries of Irish Sleep: Insights from the DFI Big Sleep Survey 2024

Unravelling the Mysteries of Irish Sleep: Insights from the DFI Big Sleep Survey 2024

The much-anticipated DFI Big Sleep Survey 2024 unveils fascinating insights into the sleep habits of the Irish public, painting a picture of our nocturnal preferences and peculiarities!

2,068 participants from across the island of all Ireland completed the survey and here we have summarised the top takeaways…

Gender and Age Dynamics

A significant majority of our survey respondents were female (85%).

Age-wise, the largest group of respondents fell into the 45-64 range (40%), with 35-44 close behind (36%) and the 25 – 34 age bracket accounting for 19% of respondents.

Geographical Spread and Stress Levels

Spanning across 30 of the 32 counties, the survey illustrates a comprehensive geographical representation.

Dublin emerges as the sleep survey capital, with 40% of respondents, followed by Cork (8%) and County Meath (6%).

Stress, an omnipresent factor in most of our lives, seems to affect a vast majority, with 68% reporting feeling 'somewhat stressed'. This statistic paints a picture of a nation grappling with stress, affecting their nightly rest.

Family and Bed Sharing Dynamics

75% of participants reported having children or dependents living in their household.

Among parents, when asked whether they let their child/children share their bed, responses were mixed, with a near even split between yes, no, and sometimes.

Sleep Duration vs. Quality

The quest for rest yields just 4-6 hours of sleep for over half of the respondents (51%), while a close 44% manage 7-8 hours.

However, the quality of this sleep is rated at a mere average score of 5.63 out of 10, highlighting a significant disparity between sleep duration and its perceived quality.

Tuning In for Zzz's

A significant revelation is the modern approach to achieving slumber: nearly half (48%) of Irish sleepers lean on auditory aids like TV/tablet sounds, audiobooks, and ASMR/white noise, signalling a shift towards digital sleep aids.

The Solitude of Sleep

In an era of constant connectivity, it appears solitude is golden, with 62% of participants affirming they sleep better alone.

This preference underscores the value of uninterrupted rest and personal space in achieving quality sleep.

Supplementing Sleep

A noteworthy 23% of respondents resort to supplements or medications to enhance their sleep, with a majority opting for natural remedies.

This trend reflects a growing inclination towards holistic solutions in our endless quest for improved health and wellbeing.

Desert Island Dreams

When imagining the essentials for a perfect sleep scenario, even on a desert island, the "3 Ps" - Pillows, Phone, and Partner - emerge as top priorities.

This preference emphasises the integral role of comfort, connectivity, and companionship in our sleep routines and further reinforces our need to be ‘switched on’….even on a desert island!

Napping and Nighttime Discomfort

Naps appear to be a popular respite, with 28% partaking occasionally, when the opportunity arises.

When asked about their experience of back or neck pain, 41% of respondents reported experiencing back or neck pain upon rising—a wakeup call to the importance of having the right pillow and mattress!

Sleepwear Choices and Sheet Changing Habits

Cozy and comfortable is the order of the day when it comes to bed time, with 78% of respondents opting to wear pyjamas to bed nightly.

The ritual of changing sheets sees a majority (52%) adhering to a weekly schedule, highlighting hygiene and comfort as a key consideration when it comes to creating the right environment for sleep. 

Mattress Lifespan and Purchase Influences

Lastly, the survey delves into mattress lifespan and purchasing decisions of respondents, revealing varied practices in how often mattresses are replaced and highlighting personal recommendations as the leading influence in these decisions with a third of respondents citing these are more influential than advertising, online reviews or price, when it comes to purchasing a new bed or mattress.

The DFI Big Sleep Survey 2024 offers a wide range of insights into our sleep habits, illustrating the complexities of sleep in the modern age.

From embracing technology to cherishing solitude and selecting our sleep essentials, it's clear that the Irish public are willing to try a range of different approaches to help them find their ideal solution for a great night’s sleep. 

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