The Best Mattress Protector: How To Choose

The Best Mattress Protector: How To Choose

The Best Mattress Protector: How To Choose

What is a mattress protector?

A mattress protector is a removable cover designed to protect a mattress from spills, stains and general wear and tear. Typically made of waterproof materials, a mattress protector helps extend the life of a mattress.

Having clean and fresh bed sheets on your mattress works well until you spill that morning cup of coffee or the late night glass of wine, and not only is sheets and duvet ruined but also your mattress.

Unless of course you have a mattress protector, and if you haven’t well then you have a permanent stain on your mattress.

This is the reason having a mattress protector is very important, it helps shield the mattress from spillages and protects the mattress from dirt, bacteria and keeps it in good condition.

Where do you put the mattress protector?

The mattress protector is very similar to a sheet on the bed. It goes on to the mattress first before the sheet or duvet reaches the bed. This means if there are any spillages, it reaches the mattress protector but won’t soak through to the mattress, leaving your mattress clean and protected.

The mattress protector should cover the full mattress from corner to corner and top to bottom meaning you are securing the complete surface of your mattress.

The main benefits of mattress protectors –

Waterproof –

Having a waterproof mattress doesn’t only help with spillages, it helps with young kids still in the toilet training stage or just kids in general with their sweets, treats and stickiness. 

It helps with people who sweat a lot at night, this protects your mattress from those yellow stains.

Anti-allergy and hypoallergenic –

The benefits of your mattress protector being anti-allergy or hypoallergenic means it helps reduce the allergy triggers such as dust mites, bacteria, mould and bed bugs. It is recommended more for people who suffer with allergies as it protects them from the everyday bacteria that is in your bed. 

Is a mattress protector easy to clean?

Just like your bed sheet, your mattress protector is also easily cleaned.

You can choose two options, hand wash or machine wash your protector.

You can buy different cleaning products to spray on your protector and gently wipe the stains or spots away which are dirty or you can pop it into the washing machine.

The benefit of the mattress protector is that it only needs washed every 1-2 months as it is covered with a sheet the majority of the time. 

Do I need a mattress protector?

It really comes down to the customer themselves and their personal preference. But in terms of your mattress guarantee and warranty and the many benefits of a mattress protector, it would be highly recommend to purchase one for your mattress. 

Do DFI sell mattress protectors?


DFI Beds are now stocking mattress protectors.

Our mattress protectors will ensure you can protect your new investment.

It is also important to protect your mattress from staining as under the terms of our warranty and for health and safety reasons we cannot accept returns for mattresses that exhibit any form of staining. 

Our premium poly-cotton protectors represent fantastic value for money and are undoubtedly one of the best performing, breathable water-resistant mattress protectors currently available. They are also non-allergenic and dust mite and are suitable for mattresses up to 12 inches deep.

Our Mattress Protectors can be machine washed.

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