How Much Should I Spend on a Mattress? [2024 Update]

How Much Should I Spend on a Mattress?

How Much Should I Spend on a Mattress?

The real question is, do you know what you want in a new mattress?

There are so many types of mattress options you can go for such as memory foam mattresses, pocket sprung mattresses, turnable mattresses or a kid’s mattress but which one is right for you and your budget?

The issue for a lot of customers is finding the right mattress for them, the most frequently asked questions are –

  • Which mattress is good for back problems?
  • Which size do I need?
  • Does memory foam make it too warm at night?
  • Which mattress offers edge to edge support?

There could be many questions when choosing a mattress, this is why you should check out our ‘Choosing the best mattress’ guide

This guide however will help you pick exactly what you want to go for inside your budget whether it be €149 - €1000 we are here to help you.

So, the in laws are deciding to plan a visit, the guest room is yet to still have a mattress, you have had your mattress 10+ years and want to treat yourself to a new one, so many options, which one do you decide to go for and how much are you willing to spend?

Everyone loves to get a bargain, but as the old saying goes, you get what you pay for, especially with a mattress. Let me give my advice and help you choose how much you should spend on a mattress.

Mattresses from €149

These mattresses would typically be an open coil spring mattress. They are a traditionally spring. The Traditional spring is formed together in continuous rows which connect together. This type of mattress is perfect for a spare room, or a kid’s mattress. Cheap and cheerful.

I have linked these mattresses below –

DFI’s best value mattress would be the Luxury Orthopedic Mattress,

DFI’s Hush Kids mattress. 

Mattresses from €265 -

Mattresses varying in this price range would be a combination of memory foam and pocket sprung mattresses. A pocket sprung mattress consists of individual springs that are designed to support any body movements and ensures comfort by targeting different pressure points in your body. Memory foam reduces these pressure points.Tossing and turning is the leading cause of a poor night's sleep which is drastically reduced with a memory foam mattress.
Having the best of both words within this price range is fantastic value for money.
I have included some of our most popular pocket sprung and memory foam mattresses, you can upgrade to a better mattress for as little as €70and it comes recommended by hundreds of customers -

DFI’s Sensation pocket sprung 1000 mattress 

DFI’s Hotel Platinum 1400 pocket sprung mattress 

Mattresses from €399

For a superior level of comfort and a more luxurious mattress, those with a higher pocket count will always be best suited if you are looking the best of the best!

Any pocket count between 2000 – 4000 has a better body support and also increases the life span of the mattress. The bestselling and top of the range links are included-

The Gelflex 3000 pocket sprung mattress 

The Connoisseur 4000 pocket sprung mattress

Maybe the in laws are just that bit pickier, or your partner wants the best money can buy or you are happy with the cheap and cheerful option, we have mattresses to suit everyone’s needs. Our sleep experts are always here to help you whether it’s a friendly phonecall or our live chat option on the website, give us a message and we are happy to advise you on what you want to spend and what is best for your night’s sleep.

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