Best Budget Mattresses (Under €400)

Whether you need to get your spare room sorted, or your child is moving from a toddler bed to a bigger bed, we can get you sorted.

In these situations customers don’t really want to be spending a fortune on a mattress that really isn’t going to get any use or be thrown out after a few years, but also don’t want a cheap mattress that isn’t comfortable either.

I have put together 5 of our budget mattresses, when you hear budget don’t be fooled, they may have a budget price but they are still top rated DFI mattress by thousands of customers and our sleep experts.

Luxury Double

Our luxury mattress would be the cheapest mattress we have on our website, but don’t let it put you off! Even thought our sleep experts only really recommend it to be for a child or a spare room, we have customers who buy it for themselves they love it that much. The Luxury orthopaedic mattress has a trusted spring system that adapts to your sleeping style for a perfect posture support and comfort layer that provides a ‘cushion feel’ for back pain. An orthopaedic mattress with medium firmness coming in at €209 in a standard double size, where could you go wrong?

Price: €209

Overall customer rating:

Sanctuary Double

The Sanctuary would be one of DFI most popular sellers as not only has it got the cheaper price tag but also an orthopaedic, two sided pocket sprung mattress.

The most popular spec of the Sanctuary other than its 1200 pocket springs would be that you are able to turn it. Even though there isn’t evidence to prove this is better than one sided mattresses, it is still what customers prefer.

Two sleep surfaces helps with the mattress lasting longer and prevents sagging. Hand tufted and right in the middle of the firmness chart with medium firmness, it is one that is popular amongst the budget mattresses.

The Sanctuary mattress is priced at €249 in a standard double size.

Price: €249

Overall customer rating:

Sensation Double

The Sensation 1000 pocket sprung mattress is the mattress we always tell people to upgrade too when they are thinking about going for the Luxury. For the difference of €70 you are getting a much better mattress. 1000 Pocket springs which is essential for supporting your body along with edge to edge support which prevents your mattress from sagging while also offering a firmer edge so you don’t have to fear about rolling off the mattress.

The Sensation mattress is priced at €279 in standard double size.

Price: €279

Overall customer rating:

Whisper Double

Best of both worlds is exactly what the Whisper offers.

With a combination of Pocket springs and memory foam, both work together to provide support to all the right places in your body. The Whisper also provides to edge to edge support. Customers love the Whisper as it has that ‘hug feel’ to it with the sinking into the memory foam but also a firmness included with the support of the pocket springs. There are 1000 pocket springs in the Whisper mattress.

The Whisper mattress is priced at €299 in a standard double size.

Price: €299

Overall customer rating:

Pearl Double

Similar to the Whisper, the Pearl mattress has both pocket springs and memory foam. The Pearl has 1200 pocket springs in it along with HD Memory foam support. HD Memory foam helps relieve pressure points. Customers who find their sleep is disrupted with not getting comfortable, this mattress would be very beneficial to them. With slighty more pocket springs, this mattress would be rated better than the Whisper mattress.

The Pearl mattress is priced at €359 in a standard double size.

Price: €359

Overall customer rating:


There you have DFI recommendations, but don’t take our word for it! Take a look at the thousands of reviews of customers who have actually bought these mattresses, and as always, we are happy to help with any question you may have.

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