Inspiration Mattress - Discount Furniture Ireland
Inspiration Mattress - Discount Furniture Ireland
Inspiration Mattress - Discount Furniture Ireland
Inspiration Mattress - Discount Furniture Ireland

DFI Inspiration Pocket Sprung Cool Memory Foam Mattress

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DFI, bringing innovation and technology to the sleeping experience with our Inspiration Pocket Sprung 1400 Cool Memory Foam Mattress

Our premium memory foam mattress hugs your body but will also keep you cool for the best of both worlds. This mattress has been custom designed to draw heat from your body and circulate fresh air with every movement your body makes. Enter a new world of Memory Foam Comfort without the heat retention disadvantages often associated with Memory Foam. You will be free to move around without waking your partner or spilling your wine!

ActiMax Innovative Pocket Spring Technology
Individually nested pocket springs eliminate pressure points and provide maximum adaptability for the body.
HD Intelligent Memory Foam

Memory Foam is an innovative material designed to shape itself to the contours of your body and mould back into shape when pressure is released. Upon contact with heat, memory foam softens to allow you to gently sink into the mattress, before recovering its normal shape when you’ve left the bed. Customers tend to love memory foam for its warm, sumptuous properties that create a ’hugging’ feel.

DFI mattresses contain only the very best  High-Density Memory  Foam which is super resilient and will return to its natural shape whilst evenly distributing weight to relieve pressure points which can cause sleep discomfort. We use 50mm of Memory foam in our Inspiration mattress. 
Luxurious PuraTex Knitted Fabric
Soft-touch eco-friendly PURATEX knitted fabric mattress sleep surface for extra luxury and comfort.
This fabric incorporates a Tencel yarn from the eucalyptus tree which is softer to touch and much less irritating than other similar fabrics - especially good for those with skin allergies.
Edge to Edge Support 
DFI mattresses Edge to Edge Support prevents the mattress from sagging- offering added durability and extending its lifespan. This creates a firmer mattress edge enabling you to sleep right up to the edges of the mattress without the fear of rolling off.

Free Delivery: DFI Beds pride ourselves in our seamless mattress delivery service which is available to customers anywhere in Ireland. We currently operate a service to Dublin every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. With Cork, Limerick and Galway operating every Tuesday and Thursday. Please take time to read some of our customer reviews on interactions with our delivery staff.

 Dedicated Customer Service Telephone Line: Our experienced  Mattress experts are available seven days a week from 9 am until 10 pm to answer all your queries. Tel 01513 4760