DFI Comfort Max Value Mattress - Discount Furniture Ireland (38742982676)
DFI Comfort Max Value Mattress - Discount Furniture Ireland (38742982676)
DFI Comfort Max Value Mattress - Discount Furniture Ireland (38742982676)

DFI Comfort Max Value Mattress

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The DFI Comfort Max Value Mattress is a perfect mattress for the guest bedroom or for light use. Whilst it is at the cheaper end of the spectrum it does have features that give the right combination of support and comfort and we ensure that each mattress regardless of cost is finished to the exact same standards as all the mattresses we stock at DFI. This mattress is available in a range of sizes :  Single Mattress ( 90cm x 190cm / 3' x 6'3" ) Small Double Mattress (120cm x 190cm / 4' x 6'3" ) Double Mattress (135cm x 190cm / 4'6 x 6'3" ) King Mattress (150cm x 200cm / 5' x 6'6") Superking Mattress (180cm x 200cm / 6' x 6'6").

Edge to Edge Support 
Whilst Edge to Edge support is not often found on mattresses in this price bracket we thought it important to include it as the benefits are very important to the overall user experience. The more support your mattress has around its edges will mean it has less sagging around the perimeter. If you happen to move about a bit during the night, then the extra edge support can mitigate the risks of rolling or falling off the mattress. Another reason why edge support can be beneficial when you're choosing your new mattress is that it can also provide more support and stability when you’re simply sitting on it. Particularly if you’re sitting on the edge. If you happen to sit on the side of the bed when getting dressed, or when you’re just putting on shoes, for example, you’ll find this much easier with a proper edge supported mattress. 
CoolFlex Surface.
Maintain everlasting freshness with our breathable sleep surface. This carefully selected mattress fabric helps maintain a natural airflow throughout the night. The mattress fabric also wicks moisture away while you sleep, so that you feel cool and comfortable while ensuring that your sleep environment stays hygienic.

Duo Comfort Layer.
Provides cushioning for pain and pressure relief and serves as a protective buffer between you and the internal support core.

Always in Stock - DFI Beds holds a huge amount of mattresses in stock in our warehouse. This mattress is guaranteed to always be in stock in all sizes.

Free DeliveryDFI Beds pride ourselves in our seamless mattress delivery service which is available to customers anywhere in Ireland. We currently operate a service to Dublin every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. With Cork, Limerick and Galway operating every Tuesday and Thursday. Please take time to read some of our customer reviews on interactions with our delivery staff.

Dedicated Customer Service Telephone Line - Our experienced Mattress experts are available seven days a week from 9am until 10 pm to answer all your queries. Tel 01513 4760