That 'New' Mattress Smell

That ‘New’ Mattress Smell


It is an exciting time when you purchase your new mattress, you are looking forward to a great night’s sleep and can’t wait for it to arrive on your doorstep.

It arrives, you unwrap the mattress and all of a sudden there is the ‘new’ mattress smell.

A lot of people complain of the smell when getting their new mattress. This is quite common. Whether it be Memory foam, pocket sprung, or hybrid mattresses they are all made up of a number of chemicals. Similar chemicals are also found in sofas, car seats and other house hold items. When mattresses has been sealed shut for a period of time, the chemicals build up.

Off-gassing is the common name for this smell. It is when the chemicals release under normal temperatures and pressure. When the mattress is made and unwrapped that’s when the off gasses release, it is usually within the first few hours which is why that smell appears.

As all our mattresses are Fire rated to the necessary specification, sometimes the smell of the fire retardancy gets trapped in the sealed packaging.

Discount Furniture Ireland can assure you that this is what you are smelling as it is quite common with new mattresses. The smell will dissipate over a few days by simply airing the mattresses during the day.

Given the low amount of chemicals, it is accepted that there is minimal risk.

Our top tip would be to leave the mattress uncovered and the window slightly open for a few hours and let it breath.

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