Tips on Pocket Springs and Memory Foam

Here at Discount Furniture Ireland we believe everyone should have the perfect night’s sleep, so we have decided to put information and a few tips to help you choose what is right for you.

It is very important to people to have a good mattress, did you know you spend 1/3 of your life sleeping? If you live to 75 years of age, you are asleep for 25 of them. So why not spend your time now investing in a great mattress?

We in Discount furniture Ireland have a wide range of different types of mattresses, pocket sprung, memory foam, and open coil.


A pocket sprung mattress contains individual springs, each sewn into its own pocket of fabric. It offers great support and contours to your body more effectively.

A pocket spring mattress is made up of individual springs. Each spring works independently to respond to your weight, shape, movement and sleeping position, by providing support. The pocket spring mattress also prevents dipping in the mattress and it won’t bounce if one person on the mattress moves. 


Pocket spring mattresses have a much higher spring count and offer a higher level of comfort and support. They can range from 600-800

Our Indulgence Max mattress is an 800 pocket sprung mattress.                                                   

We also have 2000-4000 pocket sprung mattresses which would be our more luxurious models such as our Oracle, Opulence and Connoisseur mattresses.


Pocket springs in mattresses will vary and this reflects in the cost. A pocket spring mattress has the lifespan of between 8-15years.



Memory foam mattresses are becoming a more popular alternative to the pocket spring mattresses. Memory foam mattresses are topped with a temperature sensitive layer of foam. This foam reacts to pressure and heat, changing shape to fit the sleeper’s body, this is what creates the ‘hug’ effect in the mattresses which many customers appreciate. Memory foam mattresses have a comfortable and supportive sleeping surface and superior motion isolation.                                                                    


A memory foam mattress benefits sleepers such as light weight sleepers because the foam is so soft, they can sink into the mattress and enjoy a more comfortable night’s sleep, light sleepers who appreciates the superior motion, and side sleepers who benefit the contour abilities of a memory foam mattress. Sleepers who suffer from back and joint pain love the orthopedic support the mattress provides.

Sleepers who may not enjoy a memory foam bed are hot sleepers or overweight sleepers. Memory foam retains heat and heavier weight customers might find the softness of the foam makes them sink far too deep into the mattress.

On average a memory foam mattress has the life span of 8-10 years.

Our contour memory is our bestselling memory foam mattress.


It all comes down to the sleeper’s preference, why not take a look at our award winning products and our customers reviews to help you choose your perfect night’s sleep?

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