Natural Sleep Remedies

As we grow up in life we fall into the cycle of being busy adults, we may begin to have trouble falling asleep at night for either internal or external causes. Whether we are having problems with stress, or our diets aren’t right or if we are maybe not sleeping on the right bed at night which leads to discomfort and being uncomfortable, we have some advice to help you get back your perfect night’s sleep.


What happens when we don’t sleep?


  • Sickness – Losing sleep can impair your body’s ability to fight of illness. This makes it easier to get sick.
  • Anger – Sleep loss leads us to focus on negative experiences, misinterpret others and pick fights.
  • Slurred Speech – The brain region is associated with language processing, when you lose sleep this becomes inactive and causes challenges when speaking.
  • Lose focus – When loss of sleep occurs you also start to lose focus in work, at home, you have the ‘Head in the cloud’ effect.
  • In sleep deprivation cases - it is also known to lead to the risk of diabetes, an impaired immune system, hallucinations and heart disease.



Natural Sleep Remedies


  • Reduce Lighting - Our sleep is affected by the amount of light our eyes register. If light is present, from a TV, lamp or most commonly our phones it makes our sleep cycle unbalanced and keeps us awake.
  • Never do work in bed – Working in bed looking at emails make’s you dwell on work-related issues, doing this before you go to sleep makes it harder to relax once you try and switch off.
  • Don’t eat or drink late at night – Caffeine, alcohol, fast food, and nicotine can all cause sleep disruptions and keep you up at night, this is why it is important to cut this out a couple of hours in advance before you go to bed.
  • Make a to-do list – Writing down your plans for tomorrow helps clear your mind and relaxes your mind and body.
  • Before you go to bed Ritual – Getting into a routine before you go to bed of washing your face, brushing your teeth, reading a book all sends a psychological signal that you are getting ready for bed because you are repeating this every night.


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