What is a Bonnell Spring Mattress?

I am researching a new bed and I often see the term 'Bonnell spring', could you explain what it is and if it is recommended or are there better springs used in mattresses?

DG, Dublin


A Bonnell or open coil spring unit is often considered the most budget-friendly option for mattress support, but it may not be the most effective. This type of spring system consists of a continuous wire that is twisted and coiled to form a large set of interconnected springs.

As a result, the springs work as a single unit that can cause the whole mattress to move and shake when you shift positions. This creates motion transfer and limits the isolation of the springs, making them less effective in adapting to your body's shape and weight distribution. We do not recommend buying a mattress with a bonnell spring.

Instead we recommend a pocket spring mattress, our What is a pocket spring mattress? guide explains why this is a great choice.

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