Can I Fix A Broken Divan Bed? [2024 Guide]

Can I Fix A Broken Divan?

Can I Fix A Broken Divan?

Divan bases can sometimes be a hit or miss. This typically comes down to where you are buying them and also how cheap the base is.

Sometimes it can be too good to be true price wise, and this is where it often goes wrong. Before buying your divan bed, take the time to do your research on where and what company you are buying from.  

DFI bases are locally and Irish made so we know exactly how they are made and where they are made, and how sturdy and firm they are. Our designers and sleep experts works with one of Ireland’s leading manufacturers to develop our great value beds, which we can ensure you have great support.

Unlike many other companies all over Ireland who import bases in from different countries, the most common problem with this is that it turns into a customer’s worse nightmare as they end up purchasing a cheap base which ends up broken not too long after it is bought.

But the question is,

Can I fix a broken divan?

The answer depends on who you buy from really, but ultimately YOU shouldn't have to fix your divan.

With DFI your base will be under manufacturer warranty, if the base ends up having a manufacturer fault we will be able to get this replaced for you no problem. If you needed anything extra such as feet or clips you can get in touch with our sales team and we will be able to get this sent out to you free of charge as we take great pride in helping our customers with what they buy and the aftercare of our products.

We can’t say the same for other companies as we have seen bases damaged after a few days and suddenly the company disappearing on Facebook and no longer found when the customer goes looking them, which leaves them out money and a broken bed.

Always do your research and make sure warranty is included in your products and the company you are buying from is a legit company with real customer reviews.


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